Predictions for Monaco GP

It’s almost time for the next F1 race as the teams head to Monaco to attend the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. It has almost become pointless to predict who would finish in first and second place as Mercedes will most likely further extend their current record by winning the 6th consecutive first and second place at Monaco as well. In all fairness, no matter how annoying it is, the team has been on point and delivering incredible race time that none of the other can keep up with. It might be something in the water that Hamilton and Bottas have access to or it’s merely Mercedes engineering that has these cars miles ahead in technology.

At the moment, before the Monaco GP, we see Mercedes with a massive 217 points in total. They lead by just short of 100 points, already setting them up for the 2019 title unless something does wrong with both their cars at the same time, which we all know is highly unlikely. So, it’s most likely going to be among Hamilton first-place finish as he has been incredibly fast on the track over the last few seasons. However, Bottas hasn’t been far behind, giving us a right tie for first and second between these drivers.

What About Third

Those of you who have been following the season over the last five months would know that Verstappen from Red Bull and Vettel from Ferrari have been up and down between third and fourth place.

Ferrari has managed to become the leader between the two teams, but that’s only because Verstappen’s teammate hasn’t been able to keep up and finish quite as well. While this has been going on, both the Ferrari drivers have managed to keep their finishes high, stacking up the points and allowing the team to gain a 34-point lead over the Red Bull team.

We’re sure to see another showdown between Verstappen and Vettel at Monaco as they race to grab third place. This would be great for Verstappen’s race record, but we’re not sure that P. Gasly would be able to finish high enough to make a significant difference in points for the team.

If Verstappen gets third place, we expect Vettel to take fourth place and the other Ferrari driven by Leclerc to finish in fifth. If Gasly can only again grab the sixth place, the team would already gain at least a point over the Ferrari total. However, if he would beat Leclerc and take fifth or higher, they would score at least five points more than the Italian team and make a significant move towards their desired second place.

What About the Rest

Of all the teams, it’s only been Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull who stand a chance of standing on the podium at the end of the season. The closest team to Red Bull is Renault, who currently has 22 points in total, creating a difference of 65 points between the third and fourth place for groups.