Sergio Perez Wins the Sakhir Grand Prix

Mexicans cheered & rallied after witnessing Sergio Perez take victory at the Sakhir Grand Prix. It marked the first victory for Perez after joining Formula One in 2011, completing 190 races before sustaining P1 on the podium. What unfolded before victory was acquired by Perez won’t be forgotten by supporters for years. Sergio Perez’s RP20 caught damage after Charles Leclerc went deep into the first corner at Bahrain International Circuit. The first lap hadn’t finished before Perez was forced to pit, moving Sergio into P18. An incredible display of talent was shown after the Mexico-born driver went from P18 to P1, being the first Mexican racer since 1970 to win a Formula One Grand Prix.

Sergio Perez wasn’t the fan favourite to sustain victory at the Sakhir Grand Prix. It was hoped & expected that George Russell from Williams would acquire P1, with the British racer replacing Lewis Hamilton after learning the champion had contracted Covid-19. George Russell held the position for 60+ laps before sustaining a puncture, prompted his unexpected pitting towards the end of the race. Russell would obtain his best placement in Formula One to date, acquiring P10. That position meant nothing compared to winning the Sakhir Grand Prix. The footage saw Russell breaking into tears & facing minimal composure.

No Seat for 2022

Winning the Sakhir Grand Prix almost guaranteed that Sergio Perez would receive a seat for 2021. It’d be confirmed after winning the race, that placement with another team wasn’t acquired this season but had guarantees he’ll return for 2022. It means Red Bull Racing selected to retain Alexander Albon, as opposed to electing Sergio Perez. Most motorsport analysts have reflected that this is the incorrect decision to Red Bull.

When discussing the victory with F1 Reporters after the Sakhir Grand Prix, Sergio Perez noted how he’d dreamt of sustaining first place podium position. Perez has acquired nine other podiums previously in his Formula One career, which Sakhir GP on December 6th marking his highest placement to date. Mexican supporters hope that Perez will repeat victory sooner than later in 2022. No confirmations regarding which team is acquiring Perez wasn’t detailed. Updated information will likely arrive by this time next year.