Lewis Hamilton Contracts Covid-19

An unexpected announcement struck the Formula One paddock days ago. Mercedes AMG-Petronas made confirmations that Lewis Hamilton has tested positive for coronavirus. Healthcare personnel residing over the British Champ confirmed that symptoms are mild. November 30th marked the official date Lewis Hamilton contracted Covid-19, with Formula One not confirming his positive infection until December 1st.

Discussions about Lewis Hamilton’s condition were sustained with Toto Wolff, Director of Mercedes AMG-Petronas. Wolff clarified that Hamilton isn’t feeling the healthiest & hasn’t any qualms with having to leave Bahrain several days earlier than anticipated. Lewis is quarantining in Dubai, with the Mercedes hoping that Hamilton will sustain a harmful infection by the 11th.

Replacing Lewis Hamilton for the Sakhir Grand Prix on December 6th is George Russell. Free practice session one & two saw proved that any driver is capable of acquiring P1 in Mercedes W11, with George Russell going fastest for both sessions. Toto Wolff was questioned on what involvement Hamilton will sustain with Mercedes during the quarantine. It’d be revealed that data & statistics aren’t being provided to the Champion, that racing becomes the last priority when feeling horrible in bed.

It’s anticipated that Lewis Hamilton contracted Covid-19 before competing at the Bahrain GP on November 29th. It’s because the 7-Time Champion had attended a short weekend vacation in Abu Dhabi before the 29th. It’s expected that an unknown family member would have contracted Covid to Lewis Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton testing positive for coronavirus could have lasting implications on his career & legacy. The 7-Time Champion was slated to begin discussions with Toto Wolff for 2021 contract. However, those discussions are now postponed following Hamilton’s infection. George Russell taking victory at the Sakhir Grand Prix would prove that anyone can win with Mercedes W11. It’d lead to Hamilton having considerably less bargaining power & likely retiring from the motorsport.

Hamilton Out

Toto Wolff confirmed that contract negotiations with Lewis Hamilton have been postponed & that Mercedes AMG-Petronas is hopeful to begin discussions by December 11th. Hamilton sustaining a prolonged infection for Covid-19 would result in meetings being likely eliminated. Mercedes could elect another driver for 2021, pre-emptively accounting for regulation changes in 2022 & the prominent rise of younger competitors.