Norris, Russell, and Ricciardo Reflect on Sakhir GP

The Sakhir Grand Prix is being introduced to Formula One drivers for the first time, with competitors starting to discuss what will be expected with the Sakhir GP. Lando Norris from McLaren emphasised that racing on Bahrain’s inner circuit will be similar to Truxton. A Double-Header at Bahrain is being sustained in 2020, accounting for the Covid-19 pandemics forced changes to season schedule. December 6th marks the date when Sakhir Grand Prix will unfold, which will introduce drivers to the inner circuit of Bahrain. It’s shorter & more similar to a NASCAR track, which has subsequently led drivers to believe the racing will be exciting & more fast-paced than supporters expect.

Factory simulations have been provided to a large percentage of the F1 grid. George Russell from Williams, Lando Norris from McLaren, and Daniel Ricciardo from Renault are three drivers that have sustained multiple lap-times on these factory simulations. Exciting lap-times were emphasised by George Russell, who indicated that every driver would have identical pace & create close results. The Williams driver believes that whoever is P20 will be within a second from Lewis Hamilton in qualifying.

George Russell mentioned that his prediction is based on the presumption that nobody makes any mistakes. Drivers that fail to locate the racing line will be substantially from the pace. Bahrain’s inner circuit barely has any corners, meaning one mistake during the Sakhir Grand Prix will force that driver considerably behind the rate. Little cornering opportunity means that returning up the grid is impossible.

Ricciardo & Norris Express Excitement

Lando Norris & Daniel Ricciardo are both looking forward to the unique format of Bahrain’s inner circuit. Both mentioned the factor of minimal cornering, with Norris believing the track will provide extensive overtaking opportunities. Ricciardo doesn’t share similar views to his 2021 McLaren teammate, with Daniel expressing the S-Chicane will be an exclusive area available for overtaking. Both drivers were questioned on how they feel about the layout alterations, with Lando & Daniel both noting their fanfare of new circuits being introduced. Ricciardo emphasised that when holding two back-to-back Grand Prix’s at the same track, it’s in the best interest of Formula One to change the layout.