Spanish GP Race Results

The Spanish GP over this past weekend once again confirms what we already know. Mercedes will be the team at the top for 2019 unless something goes very wrong. There’s no doubt about it, they have been simply amazing and bothered Botha’s, and Hamilton has shown why they are worthy of the title this year. They’ve even managed to prove themselves over the last five years as well, leading into a new record in F1 as they aim to take the cup at the end of 2019.

Though the Ferrari record of 6 consecutive championships is an important goal to accomplish, the Mercedes team seems to be aiming for a lot more. Other teams would have to step up their game in seasons to come to get anywhere close to Merc and even then the drivers would need to be flawless to get ahead of the German cars.

The past race at the Spanish GP once again has both the Mercedes drivers leading the rest over the line, starting with Hamilton in front with a total time of 1:35:50.443. His teammate Bottas wasn’t far behind him with a gap of just 4.074 seconds.

Hamilton certainly has the upper hand with the Spanish GP, and no one managed to keep up, not even his teammate.

Top 5 Positions

The entire F1 2019 season has shown Mercedes in both first and second place, and many believe they will keep that up for the whole season, which is sure to break loads of records and even create a few new ones. However, just because this team has been so amazing, we don’t see the rest of the racing drivers hold back as the first for second and third place. Up to now, it’s been a constant battle for Ferrari and Red Bull to grab second place.

For the first three races of the season, it could have been anyone’s place, as Max Verstappen refuses to let Ferrari have it easy. However, his Red Bull teammate hasn’t been able to bring home the same results, making Verstappen’s high scores count a great deal, but not enough to hold onto second place.

Unfortunately for Red Bull, this Spanish GP didn’t yield much better results, even though Max Verstappen got the third place to bring home 15 points for the team. His teammate didn’t do bad with a sixth-place finish, adding yet another 8 points to the total.

However, it’s simply not enough to catch up with Ferrari who grabbed both third and fourth place, adding 12 and 10 points to the team totals. Sure, it does mean that Ferrari had one point less than Red Bull for the race totals, but the 34 point gap between them would need a lot more than that if they hope to catch the Italian team before the end of the season.