Ferrari Get’s Ahead of Merc in Monaco

The F1 Monaco race the past weekend revealed some impressive results and Ferrari finally works their way through some of the issues they’ve experienced.

We’ve become so used to Mercedes dominating race after race with both first and second position, leaving the rest of the drivers in the dust to fight for third place. Up to now, Ferrari managed to grab most of those third positions, but Red Bull’s Max Verstappen got a few as well. However, when we look at the teams, we see Mercedes far in the lead and Ferrari leading by a fair margin over Red Bull.

Now, in Monaco, we finally see Ferrari step in up and grab second place. Yes, Mercedes still finished in first, but at least they Ferrari got their hands in the first, second place finish of the season.

The Highlights in Front

Both Mercedes cars started in the front as expected, and Red Bull also got through to second place before the first corner. However, Hamilton and Bottas both managed to lead the race.

By lap 10, we saw some rather impressive moves from Charles Leclerc in the Ferrari, quickly making his way up to the 12th place and almost grabbing 11th when he passed on the inside and got a little too close to the wall. All the progress was lost due to a puncture on the same lap. The very next lap, Verstappen threw away his chance of third place by trying to exit the pits before Bottas by almost causing an accident in the pits. He received a 5-second penalty, putting Vettel in third place.

By the time we got to lap 48, things were rather interesting with Hamilton in from, Verstappen behind him, Vettel in third and Bottas in fourth. For those following F1, it almost strange to see the Mercedes car in anything lower than second place.

Towards the end of the race, we saw some exciting battles between Hamilton and Verstappen, who was in second place. The Red Bull driver would’ve had a fantastic finish if it wasn’t for the 5-second penalty. The five seconds dropped Verstappen down to the 4th place position, allowing both Vettel and Bottas to grab the podium positions behind Hamilton.

The point totals reveal some exciting shifts in the team totals. Of course, Mercedes once again gets the most with Hamilton scoring 25 and Bottas adding 15, contributing 40 points for Mercedes. We’d all expect to see Ferrari gaining the second most, but Leclerc didn’t have the range he wanted and ended up retiring, adding no points to the team. Thus, it’s on the 18 points from Vettel said to the team, which want enough to increase the lead above Red Bull or get close to Mercedes. Finally, Red Bull got a total of 23 points for the team, thanks to Verstappen finishing in 4th and Gasly in 5th.