Lewis Hamilton Verbally Bashes F1 Grid for 2nd Time

The Formula One Champion again has shown his true colours, targeting the F1 Grid in recent statements. This is common with Lewis Hamilton, who continuously attacked his fellow drivers with verbal assaults. The latest attack is towards F1 Competitors that’ve signed contracts for the upcoming year. Lewis Hamilton stated that he’s uncomfortable with the concept of negotiating for a largescale deal but will remain onwards with Mercedes AMG-Petronas for the forthcoming season. Lewis hides his verbal attacks behind the global economy, referencing that unemployment is at an all-time high & that negotiating isn’t right.

Lewis Hamilton is most likely looking to garner a better public image, something that the F1 Champion is continuously working towards. The global economy will financially struggle until the 2030s following COVID-19, meaning it’d be ten years before Lewis Hamilton could negotiate for a high-valued contract. By that time, he’d have retired from Formula One. That means if Lewis Hamilton is to stand by his recent statements, then he’ll downgrade his £40 Million contract with Mercedes AMG-Petronas to a valuation more consistent with Valtteri Bottas, which is £8 Million.

Lewis Hamilton hasn’t renewed his contract with Mercedes, with his updated salary commonly being made public information. Considering that before the COVID-19 Pandemic unfolded worldwide, Lewis Hamilton was looking for an additional £5 to £10 Million in yearly salary costs, Motorsport & Financial analysts don’t expect that the F1 Champion will follow through on his statements.

The 50/50 Nature of Lewis Hamilton

It’s common for Lewis Hamilton to utter statements that garner positive media attention, with the F1 Champion often not following through on those statements. The most recent example of this is the Black Lives Matters Movement. Hamilton’s involvement in this movement has dwindled by an extensive level over the last three weeks.

The most Lewis does is kneel during the national anthem while impoverished Africa-Descendants continue to struggle. Analysts predict 30+ days ago that Hamilton wouldn’t donate extensively towards this movement, with those individuals providing correct. They’re likely to be accurate in their predictions towards Hamilton’s salary.

It should be mentioned that Lewis Hamilton has flat-out refused negotiations with Mercedes AMG-Petronas, demanding he’ll wait a bit longer in hopes that the economy resumes its former profits. This statement suggests that there’s a timeframe on his wiliness to sustain a lower salary.