Sebastian Vettel Receiving Chassis Upgrade

Scuderia Ferrari will be providing Sebastian Vettel with an upgrade for his SF1000s chassis at the Spanish Grand Prix. This comes after engineers with Ferrari located minor faults in his vehicle throughout the British Grand Prix & 70th Anniversary Grand Prix. Those designated faults gave Vettel little opportunity to seriously compete against his rivals, limiting his grid position to P10 for the British GP & P12 at the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix. These are some of the lowest placements that Sebastian Vettel has experienced in his Formula One career, and comes after relations with Ferrari have worsened since the arrival of Charles Leclerc.

Sebastian Vettel hasn’t hesitated to criticize Scuderi Ferrari for their lack of engineering capabilities. That criticism increased at the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix, where Vettel would remark his lack of confidence in Ferrari with F1 Reporters. Towards the race’s end, Sebastian told Mattia Binotto & all other team leaders that they’d severely messed up over the last two weekends.

Mattia Binotto has refused to converse with F1 Reporters on the issues surrounding Sebastian Vettel, often excusing questions by emphasizing neither driver is favoured. Anyone watching Formula One knows that Binotto works similar to Christian Horner, meaning the enforcement of downgraded cars onto secondary drivers. This, in turn, allows for Team Principals to convince owners to hire somebody new. Mattia Binotto convinced Ferrari Executives to elect Carlos Sainz over Sebastian Vettel, with the Formula One outfit having forgotten about their German Four-Time Champion.

Scuderia Ferrari’s Mattia Binotto confirmed after the 70th Grand Prix that Vettel’s SF1000 was potentially requiring an upgraded chassis. After “Post-Race Analysis” it was determined that this minor fault was creating a substantial impact on downforce, speed, and differential capabilities. Scuderia Ferrari would announce Vettel’s chassis upgrade days before the Spanish Grand Prix’s arrival on August 16th.

Challenges with Pace

Scuderia Ferrari Engineer, Simone Resta, provided clarification onto their hindrances at the British GP & 70th Anniversary Grand Prix. Simone mentioned that hotter track temperatures forced tyre issues onto every team and that those same problems will return at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. The average track temperature in Barcelona is expected to be 40°C. Subsequently, Simone Resta expects they’ll face similar problems to Vettel & Leclerc. The chassis upgrade for Sebastian won’t have any notable effect until the Belgian Grand Prix on August 30th.