McLaren Partners with Gulf Oil

Historic partnerships in Formula One inevitably run their course, like Scuderia Ferrari with Marlboro or Shell. These partnerships often extended to multiple motorsports, like McLaren Racing sponsorship contract with Gulf Oil. These two automotive companies worked together throughout the 1960s to 70s, ending their contract for two decades until the 1990s.

Most presumed that McLaren Racing wouldn’t resign with Gulf Oil amid the political discussions of climate change. Those analysts were incorrect, with McLaren’s Zac Brown announcing that they’ve entered a new partnership agreement for sponsorship & supplement of MCL35 Lubricants. This agreement extends beyond Formula One, with Gulf Oil being recommended for all future McLaren vehicles until both parties’ part ways.

The sponsorship aspect of their partnership will enable the Gulf Oil branding & colour scheme to appear on the MCL35 in Formula One. Branding is being showcased on the Wing Mirrors, Engine Cover, and Race Suits for both of McLaren’s drivers. Carlos Sainz & Lando Norris will sport this new branding starting on July 31st at the Silverstone Grand Prix.

An Official Statement from Zak Brown

The iconic Zak Brown from McLaren Racing provided a formal statement on their recent agreement. Operating as the Chief Executive Officer, Zak Brown emphasized their delight towards the return of Gulf Oil at McLaren Racing. He’d note that two iconic brands have come together again to revolutionize motorsports with an exciting partnership.

Sentiments from McLaren Racing’s CEO continued, mentioning how Gulf Oil has been connected with their history for decades. That their brand is known for technical excellence & innovation, which is what Zak Brown believes McLaren stands for as well. Collaborating for the future of McLaren’s growth in Formula One could prove beneficial for both parties.

The Chief Executive Officer of Gulf Oil, Mike Jones, remarked similar statements regarding the remarkable stories of their two brands in Formula One. Jones believes that what was achieved in the past can resurface for the 2021-2022 F1 Seasons. It’ll be interesting to see what this chapter unfolds in the Gulf Oil & McLaren Racing partnership. The addition of Gul Oil’s lubricants could find McLaren maintaining faster straight-line speeds, further filling the gap to Red Bull Aston Martin Racing.