How 2019 Changes Could Affect the Racing Results

We’ve seen changes to multiple forms of motor sport coming for 2019. Some of these are small, others are huge, but they are all surprisingly geared towards making things more exciting!

It doesn’t matter what type of motor sport you’re into, changes are, new things are coming for 2019. When we look at sports such as Formula 1, we find a few small changes that bring the cars closer to what the vision for the sport is while other sports include small changes to the age limits, which of course includes motocross.

With the article below, we look at the changes in a bit better detail but mostly focus on the changes we can expect. As we all know, changes could have little to no effect on the sport while others change it so much that the leaders from last season end up running way behind and never even make it to the podium. So, let’s dive in and check what we can expect from the sports we love the most!

Formula 1

In the world of F1, we see some interesting changes that allow all the cars a better chance to lead the race and overtake more often. The goal is to make the sport more exciting, making it a great change from the standard race, which usually becomes rather boring after the first 20 laps.

Well, 2019 changes the front wings, back wing and the air flow with the brakes. It’s all geared towards cleaning up the wake created by the cars, meaning the air behind the car in front allows those behind to catch up easier and even overtake the leader. While this already keeps it interesting, we’ll also see the cars sticking a lot closer to each other, making it an exciting race from the very beginning through to the last lap.


In the sport that’s all about big power and high speed, we see an interesting change in regulations, which changes the way we see racing with circuits longer than 1.2 miles. However, these changes once again make things interesting as it forces the drivers to depend more on their ability to corner and take each other on instead of just taking it out on the straights.
In 2019, the cars will actually have 200hp less than the standard 750hp. They’ll simply be making changes to the plates, which determines the amount of airflow getting into the engines. Therefore, we won’t see too much change, especially not with the shorter tracks.


In the world of motocross, we see some interesting changes that are sure to make things more competitive for all ages. Firstly, they are applying an age limit of 23 to the MXE250 class and including a new 2 stroke class for riders who want to move to the next level without moving to the bigger classes, including MXGP.

The age limit actually makes perfect sense as it allows the younger riders to take on others in their age gap without having to compete with the more experienced riders who stay in the class.