What F1 2019 Could Present

So, the races have come to an end yet again and Merc has the title for yet another year, but it’s not all lost for those seeking more racing action as the 2019 rule and regulation changes are sure to introduce some interesting changes to the winners and losers of the race.

It might be a little annoying for the time being, but at least there’s a lot to look forward to. As some of you would already know, the new regulations apply changes to how the wake flows off the back of the cars as F1 wants cleaner air that allows the follower to get closer and introduce more overtaking action.

Now, just with that, we’ll see racing that’s a lot closer and the end of a race won’t be the same old one driver being half a lap ahead. For all we know, we might just see some really close calls as the cars cross the line. However, as with each year, there’s no telling what could happen. Merc might just fall far behind or they could end up winning every single race, the only way to find out would be the wait and see, but there are a few things to consider as we wait for the 2019 season.

Will Lewis Keep Up

Lewis Hamilton is just 2 world titles away from matching up with Schumacher’s 7 world titles after his win in 2018. Of course, the legendary race driver is still on a high from the excellent win in Abu Dhabi, but part of his success has been the huge leads he manages to rack up by the end of a race.

With the new regulations, he won’t be able to get ahead as far, or it won’t be easy anyway. We might just see Hamilton struggling a bit, especially if he is planning to make his way to the 6th world title.

Sebastian Might Just Get the 5th Title

As some might know, Sabastian Vettel has been chasing his fifth world title for many years, but always seems to get stuck behind Lewis, just keeping him far enough away from claiming it.
Once again, the new regulations might just give Sebastian the edge he needs to keep up with Lewis and overtake more often. Then again, with Sebastian in from, Lewis would also have an easier time keeping up and overtaking, thanks to the wake of the cars delivering 30% cleaner air to the cars behind. There’s no doubt that he will be giving it his all as the last world title he claimed was back in 2013, making the 2019 season a great place to gear up for another big win.

New Racers

In 2019, we also see a range of new racers joining the sport, each having their own dreams to claim the title and get on the podium. While the 2 racers mentioned above might be the ones to look out for, don’t underestimate the rest of the grid as we might just discover a new shining star among the arrivals.