Hamilton Expresses Concerns on Verstappen

Max Verstappen is known for his behaviour of the track, which can be brave and bold. However, not every driver on the grid believes his approach is the right one for racing. Notable championship title holders, Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton, have publicly mentioned that their driving style with Verstappen is different. This public statement comes after Max Verstappen touched with Lewis Hamilton at the United States Grand Prix. Both drivers slid out onto the grass without any harm to their vehicles. When it applies to the Mexican Grand Prix, Max made a lunge on the inside of Valtteri Bottas. This prompted a slight collision, which gave Max a punctured right on his right-side back tire.

There wasn’t any action taken against Max Verstappen for his incident at the United States Grand Prix, which was shocking to most, considering that Verstappen also hit Hamilton at the Mexico Grand Prix. If it wasn’t for these two incidents, Max could’ve contended for a podium position at the 2019 Mexican Grand Prix. Inevitably, reporters asked his fellow drivers how they feel about his approach to racing. Vettel and Hamilton didn’t hesitate to mention that he’s the most aggressive driver of the twenty.

Most aren’t considering that this weekend was incredibly frustrating for the 21-Year-Old. Max Verstappen is the two-time winner in Mexico. It was anticipated that he would win the race without any concerns of fellow drivers. However, after placing pole position, it was removed from him when it was revealed he ignored the yellow flags. When it applied to Mexico, he had multiple incidents that put his car into 20th position on the grid. This future champ managed his vehicle back into P6 for a final result.

Verstappen Responds

The Young Superstar refused to keep silent regarding Vettel and Hamilton’s comments. Max, with his unemotional presence, stated that their comments were immature and that he doesn’t destroy the name of fellow drivers for respect purposes. He noted that fights should be held on the track and that their comments revealed that he’s inside of their heads. Ultimately, this is a positive thing that two champions are growing fear towards Max Verstappen.

When asked by reporters again how he reacted to their comments, Max went on to mention that F1 Drivers aren’t meant to stay home. He noted that drama is intended to unfold on the track, and that’s their job. His statements also revealed that he believes as F1 Drivers, there should be a higher level of praise amongst competing cars. This is because they’re in the highest-rated motorsport league worldwide and are considered to be the worlds best drivers.

After the United States Grand Prix, Max Verstappen made other comments regarding the Ferrari Team. He claimed that they were cheating for almost four races before the US Grand Prix. Max noted that fans should review the loss of speed they had when comparing Mexico to the US Grand Prix. It will be interesting to see how Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc respond to this on the track.