Hamilton Respects Sebastian Vettel

The Formula One 2019 Season is coming to an end, with Lewis Hamilton already claiming victory in the championship on November 3rd. Before the next race in Brazil begins, Lewis Hamilton made comments regarding his fellow driver, Sebastian Vettel. Their relationship in the past has been aggressive, with the two battling for a fifth championship title. Unfortunately, Vettel is now two championships behind his rival, and keeping that in mind, Hamilton mentioned in a recent interview that the two have a deep mutual respect that has grown over time.

Hamilton’s comments with reporters continued, with the superstar saying that both of them have been at the forefront of this sport since 2007. Lewis mentioned that they both appreciate how hard it is for them to win a championship, even if they have their way of doing things. Lewis Hamilton finished his remarks by saying the two don’t pass any judgment and that the fierce battles they’ve had this season have brought them closer. Lewis couldn’t help but smile when saying that it means the world to him to have the respect of other drivers, which is always a big thing for champions.

Their History

Lewis Hamilton has been an unprecedented force in Formula one since joining the sport in 2007. This infamous driver’s tension amongst former teammates is well known, with it beginning in his debut season with Fernando Alonso by his side. Eventually, Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton would become teammates in 2015 and 2016 Seasons. Their clashes were well known, with one time Rosberg throwing his cap at Hamilton after a race. His most recent encounter with a driver includes Max Verstappen, where he said the young driver is too aggressive and requires more room on the track for safety purposes. However, Hamilton hasn’t ever clashed with Vettel, and the two have always shared a mutual bond. Both debuted in the same season and were a good friend during their Formula Two era.

This respect has gone a long way on the circuit. The two have had incidents in the past from simple mistakes, with both immediately concerned for one another’s safety. It’s the classic Formula 1 Friendship that saw Niki Lauda and many other drivers get saved after severe accidents. Luckily, Hamilton and Vettel haven’t ever had a serious crash with each other, only a few minor bumper clashes. The only time their friendship has wavered was when Vettel moved the #1 Sign from Hamilton’s car to his own at the 2019 Canadian Grand Prix.

Both drivers are anticipated to race until 2021, with the potential of both retiring during the same season. Regardless, the Formula One action continues at the Brazilian Grand Prix. Vettel has won at this circuit three times, as opposed to Hamilton’s two victories.