Mexican Grand Prix

The last weekend in October 2019 has marked the previous fourth race of the season. It is already determined that Mercedes has won the constructors championship and it is quite safe to say that Lewis Hamilton has won the season. Even with that said, it is still well worth looking into the results of the actual race as this usually reveals some interesting information that we can use to predict what might happen in 2020.

As per usual, we look at the top five finishes as these are usually the most significant points shifters of the race. You will also find these are the names that appear in the top five most common, generally giving us a great indication of the teams and drivers worth looking out for. For those who have been following the 2019 Formula One season, there is no doubt that Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull are the leading teams.

Well, at the Mexican Grand Prix, we once again see these teams appear in the top six positions. Lewis Hamilton once again won the race for Mercedes, followed by Sebastien Vettel in second place for Ferrari. In third, Bottas grabbed yet another podium finish for Mercedes, which was followed by Charles Leclerc who stacked up some more points for the Ferrari team. Finally, in fifth and sixth place, the Red Bull team managed to stack up more points than they have for most of this season.

How It Affects Points

When we look at the individual drivers, not much will change at this point. Especially not when we look at first and second place, which features both the Mercedes drivers. They are more than 50 points ahead of Charles Leclerc who drives for the Ferrari team. He is followed by his teammate Sebastien Vettel who trails with just six points at 230 points in total. Next on the list, we have Max Verstappen, who is 10 points behind the Ferrari team.

Even when we look at constructors, we still see some significant differences in points when it comes to the top teams. Mercedes is in first and has already won the season with 652 points in total. In the second place, we have the Ferrari team with 466 points, followed by Red Bull with 341 points. These three themes of well ahead as McLaren in fourth place only has a total of 111 points. Finally, to complete the top five constructors, we have Renault who currently have 73 points in total.

It is quite interesting that only the top three teams in this season have managed to win any races and appear on podiums. The entire season features only Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull drivers on the podiums. Of course, we also saw a Toro Rosso get a podium finish, but this occurred only once.

When it comes to winnings, the Mercedes team has claimed a total of 13 race wins up to now. Ferrari follows it with a total of three wins and then red Bull with two wins. Once again, these teams are the only ones who have claimed a first-place finish for the entire 2019 season.