Fernando Alonso returning to Formula One

Speculation on who’d replace Daniel Ricciardo after his arrival to McLaren in 2021 hasn’t stopped for 30+ days. Inside sources are now claiming that his replacement officially signed with Renault F1 over the July 5th weekend, with that individual being Fernando Alonso. Sources emphasized that this deal would sustain itself throughout the 2021-22 seasons of Formula One. The official announcement from Renault F1 came on July 8th, with inside sources purposely leaking the information to SkySports & other outlets on the 7th. Fernando Alonso joining Renault marks his 3rd stint with the team, with his second prompting two F1 Championships.

Fernando Alonso will be the 2nd oldest driver on the F1 Grid, competing again with another champion from his generation of Formula One drivers, with that individual being Kimi Raikkonen. Fernando Alonso is considered a formidable driver in Formula One history, being a regularly deterrent for Michael Schumacher. After sustaining a career of fifteen years in Formula One, Fernando Alonso left the sport after losing his McLaren F1 for the 2019 season. The two-time champion had hoped to return with Renault but was rejected for Daniel Riccardo. Some are surprised Fernando is coming back after initial discussions couldn’t meet completion. However, it shows an evident desire to return for another chance at acquiring a 3rd championship.

Changes & Similarities

Renault F1 is now pairing Esteban Ocon with Fernando Alonso, with the two holding a strong friendship from previous years in Formula One together. There’ll be notable changes for Alonso by returning with Renault. Unlike his last stint throughout the 2008-09 seasons of Formula One, he won’t be provided with a championship-winning car.

He’ll be competing against Mid-Range teams in hopes of obtaining 4th or 3rd in the constructor’s championship. Those rooting for Fernando Alonso shouldn’t anticipate an identical experience. However, Fernando will have multiple other similarities with rejoining Renault. Numerous people, he’s previously worked with remain on this team. Together these individuals could repeat what was accomplished during the 2008-09 Seasons of Formula One.

When questioned on his thought process behind Fernando Alonso rejoining Renault F1, Esteban Ocon remarked that his relationship with the two-time champion would flourish under these new conditions & together they’ll dominant competing teams with beneficial strategies. These are significant remarks that most likely can’t be met by Esteban Ocon.