Mattia Binotto Talks Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel has become the most discussed topic in Formula One, with everyone questioning if the four-time champion will venture to another team or close-out his F1 Career. Those answers won’t be answered until the brief 2020 Formula One Championship is completed. Sebastian must prove himself worthy of another placement in the F1 Grid, which after not competing for a championship title in five years, will be challenging to accomplish against the stronghold that is Charles Leclerc.

F1 Analysts & Supporters alike have eagerly awaited the remarks of Mattia Binotto, the Team Boss of Scuderia Ferrari. It was emphasized that Sebastian Vettel was the 1st choice for the 2021 Formula One Season. However, Mattia remarks that circumstances with the COVID-19 Pandemic altered their strategies & required changes to account for financial losses.

Sebastian Vettel was questioned on his thoughts about his final season with Scuderia Ferrari, with the German-born driver noting his surprise when Mattia Binotto called to inform him contract renewal wouldn’t be supported after 2020. Vettel mentioned that he’d previously been told that his agreement with Scuderia Ferrari would extend past 2020 into 2022. Instead, Carlos Sainz from McLaren Racing will take the position of Sebastian Vettel. It’s been the most pivotal story in Formula One since COVID-19 forced the motorsport to shut down for a prolonged period.

Reasoning & Praise to Vettel

Scuderia Ferrari was forced into this decision after facing higher odds against COVID-19 than any other outfit in Formula One. Based in Italy, their full workforce was furloughed & told to remain indoors after the novel coronavirus swept over this nation with destructive repercussions. Financial losses became extensive, requiring alterations in how the 2021 Season would be approached. Inside sources report that the cost to employ Leclerc & Sainz is less than the yearly contract associated with Vettel. Under these circumstances, it’s simple to understand why Mattia Binotto made this decision. It ensures the lifespan of Scuderia Ferrari, which has remained prevalent in F1 since day one in 1950.

Mattia Binotto clarified his respect towards Sebastian Vettel, remaking that he’ll be remembered as the 2nd Greatest German Driver of History. That’s no small goal to accomplish when accounting the tributes of Michael Schumacher. Subsequently, Vettel will always be remembered.