Vettel Rumoured for Aston Martin Placement in 2021

Aston Martin’s Formula One team will arrive in 2021, under the ownership of Lawrence Stroll & Toto Wolff. Since the announcement that Aston Martin would terminate their partnership with Red Bull Racing, it’d been cemented that Sergio Perez & Lance Stroll would maintain their positions from Racing Point. Speculation now suggests that one of these drivers will have their contracts paid out, with Sebastian Vettel being acquired for a respective placement. This information comes from inside sources.

Inside sources suggest that Lawrence Stroll issues a contract offer to Sebastian Vettel. Obtaining the infamous four-time formula one champion would provide Lawrence Stroll with a better opportunity of acquiring the “F1 Constructor’s Championship”. Another inside source outside of Racing Point has indicated similarly that Vettel could be positioned with the newly rebranded “Aston Martin F1” in 2021. The additional source is Germany’s Bild Newspaper, who are typically correct when releasing early reports of Vettel’s future.

Challenges await Lawrence Stroll with the acquisition of Sebastian Vettel. The Canadian-Billionaire will have to payout either Sergio Perez from Spain or Lance Stroll from Canada. Terminating his son would be unconventional behaviour for Lawrence, indicating that Sergio Perez could lose his position with Aston Martin F1 (Formally Racing Point) in 2021. Perez was always expected to become a champion but could never amass this accomplishment during the Hamilton Era.

Only two individuals have won championships in contention with Lewis Hamilton, with those drivers being Nico Rosberg & Sebastian Vettel. Paying out Sergio Perez for the acquisition of Sebastian Vettel would award Lawrence Stroll with an official champion. Providing the German-born winner with a podium-winning Mercedes-inspired car could see Aston Martin win the “2021 Constructors Championship” during their first official year.

The Bigger Picture for Lawrence Stroll

Lawrence Stroll has issued significant investments with the development of Aston Martin. He first had to purchase majority shares of Racing Point, then pay an additional $250 million to acquire the Aston Martin branding & Mercedes AMG-Petronas engine provider license. Lawrence Stroll’s goal with these investments is returning Aston Martin into a pivotal sportscar manufacturer, which in-return would earn the Canadian-Billionaire a significant profit. It’s not about acquiring a Formula One Champion; it’s about business profits with Aston Martin.