Verstappen Talks Mercedes

The Red Bull – Aston Martin Motorsport Organization, could lose one of their prized drivers come 2021. Max Verstappen, whose current contract with the team expires in2020, is having new discussions towards his driving for the team in 2021. However, speculation is already beginning as to who will switch sides, with the biggest one surrounding Lewis Hamilton. Most believe that he will move to Ferrari when Toto Wolff becomes the Chief Executive of Formula One. However, when it applies to Max Verstappen, this future champion is slated to join Mercedes if the rumours are correct.

This would mark the perfect time for Verstappen to join the Silver Arrows, who would then be driving the fastest car on the grid. The changes to F1 Rulings and car designs in 2021 would provide Verstappen the assistance needed to win his first world championship. However, neither of the three leading teams in Formula One have confirmed who their drivers will be, coming 2021. One confirmation that’s been made by Verstappen is that he won’t take a position with Ferrari for 2021.

Red Bull will hold Max Verstappen as their title star for another season. However, multiple drivers will have the end of the 2020 season complete their arrangements. Subsequently, result speculation has gripped the paddock as several big-name stars potentially become available. Depending on if Lewis Hamilton remains with Mercedes, this confirmation almost guarantees that the young superstar will compete against the British Champ for the 2021 Drivers Championship. Sporting analysts believe that Verstappen would remain with Red Bull if Hamilton remains with Mercedes, as he wouldn’t want to compete on a two with a number-one driver onboard already.

Max Verstappen Opens Up

The Dutchman doesn’t believe that Mercedes would hire two number-one drivers, as it’s proven to be a challenging issue with Ferrari and Hass. Max thinks that having a supporting driver to defend is the better option, giving the number-one better chances at scoring team points. However, Max confirmed that he doesn’t know exactly where he will end in the future. He noted that it’s ultimately a deciding factor for Mercedes to contract his agent.

Max Verstappen praised Lewis Hamilton during a recent interview with Motorsport Magazine. He claimed that Hamilton is one of the best drivers historically and will be the name remembered for this period of racing. However, Max also noted that 60% of the grid could complete the same accomplishments he has if they were driving the same vehicle.