FIA Decreases MGU-K Restrictions in F1

The FIA Board of Directors announced that they had decreased the restrictions regarding Engine Usage for the 2020 F1 Season. This will allow for the twenty drivers throughout the grid to suffer fewer penalties and avoid having to start at the back of the grid anytime an engine swap is completed. This came after drivers like Bottas, Vettel, Verstappen, Leclerc and other notable racers were sent to the back of the grid for an engine swap penalty.

Drivers throughout the 2020 Season have the capabilities to maintain three MGU-Ks, which is one higher than the season that just passed. These MGU-Ks must be maintained within the hybrid system and now follow into standard regulation seen within the permitted usage of power-units. Both the Engineers and Drivers have accepted these decreases with open arms.

Those unaware of the MGU-K system shouldn’t be surprised. It’s often referred to by its sportscasting name of the ERS Deployment System. Regardless, the MGU-Ks recover rear axle energy and redirects it to the hybrid-generated electrical power of the subsequent driver’s vehicle. Having an additional MKU-K maintained in the hybrid engine will enable larger folds of energy to be collected, which can then be deployed towards higher speeds. This should allow for more significant action on the grid and increased overtakes.

Other Rule Changes

The alterations in the MGU-Ks System isn’t the only restriction that’s bee changed by the FIA. Their December 4th announcement also confirmed that chequered flags have to be reinstated, which comes after significant issues at the Japanese Grand Prix this year. Back at the Japanese JP, there was a system error with the official light panel. It showed the chequered flag one lap before the end of the race, almost forcing the event to end two minutes earlier than anticipated. Luckily, the drivers themselves noticed the mistake and continued driving the required distance.

Another rule that was altered pertains to team garages. All racing organizations in Formula One can no longer attach large-scale screens to their F1 Vehicles in the garage. The FIA claims this obscures the view of cars in the garage, where unknown circumstances could be happening. All of these rules will start on February 26th, 2020, when pre-season testing begins in Barcelona. The 2020 Formula One season will start on March 5th, 2020, and will see most drivers return to their prior contracts. The only changes made have been Robert Kubica for Nicholas Latifi and Nico Hulkenberg for Esteban Ocon.