Team Points before F1 Hungarian GP

Last week we had a look at the driver standing for the year before the Hungarian GP. Even though all the points are there, it’s rather challenging to try and keep track of all the action, especially when you’re trying to see who is in second place, where the most significant gaps are and what the odds are of finishing in the top three.

Below, we look at the teams and see who has the upper hand up to now. Of course, we know Mercedes is at the top, but as some might know, they haven’t done all that well over the last two races, especially not in the German GP. However, their excellent kills gave them the most significant advantage early on in the season, which is now protecting their first-place finish. By the looks of it, there’s no way anyone would be able to take it away from them either.

Team Standings – Pre-Hungarian GP

When we look at the total points of any time, we must include the details of the drivers. This could reveal some fantastic information and show up how things are shaping up and what could happen shortly.

Mercedes is at the top with a massive 438 points, of which Hamilton carries the most significant chunk with 250 points to his name. His teammate, Bottas currently holds the second-place position on the driver list with a total of 188 points. However, his position isn’t 100% second as Max Verstappen has been applying pressure and doing well and now has only 7 points to catch up and grab second place.

Ferrari currently appears in second, which is surprising with Max Verstappen in the Red Bull doing so well. However, both the Ferrari drivers have managed to keep their finishes high, which gives the team a significant advantage. They currently have a total of 288 points, which far behind Mercedes, but well ahead of the Red Bull team as well.

Max Verstappen has been the shining star of the Red Bull team who currently has a total of 181 and is right on the tail of Bottas who now sits in second on the driver list. Unfortunately, his teammate hasn’t done quite as well, which is what’s keeping Red Bull from grabbing hold of the second place for the constructor’s championship. Pierre Gasly currently has 63 points and appears in sixth place on the driver list. However, when you look at the totals, they have 244 points, which is just 44 shy of the second-place team. This once again shows why Max Verstappen is the highlight of Red Bull at the moment.

If the Red Bull team managed to finish in the top five places and above the Ferrari team for the rest of the season, the second-place finish shouldn’t be a problem. However, it’s much easier said than done as the Ferrari team won’t be giving up either and would be pushing harder to strengthen their position in second.