How the Last Race Results Changed F1 Standings

This far into the 2019 season, we don’t expect to see significant changes in the F1 standards. We just got past the German and Hungarian GP, which had some exciting results. However, even with Mercedes not finishing at the top as they usually do, it’s not like Ferrari are close enough to grab the first place from them.

However, there are some exciting shifts in points when we look at the drivers for 2019, which has an impact on the overall constructor’s finishes for the year. Below, we look at those points and see where the drivers are before we get into the Belgian GP.

Driver Standings

For the first half-dozen and more races, Mercedes were up in front for just about all the tracks. However, things changed recently, especially with the German GP where Hamilton and Bottas didn’t even manage to finish in the top five.

When looking at Hamilton, there’s just about no way a few poor finishes would change his first-place standing for the season. Things would have to go wrong for the driver, which doesn’t seem likely with his current record. He currently has the most points with a total of 250 and leads by 62 points over his teammate Bettas.

Bottas has been doing a great job as well, grabbing first-place finishes and continually appearing in second place or at least in the top five. Of course, as with Hamilton, the German GP proved to be a bit much as he always could get the finish he wanted. Even the Hungarian GP didn’t go well for his as he and Leclerc had a bit of contact, which damaged the front wing of the Mercedes. He currently has a total of 188 points, setting him in second place, but not comfortably.

Max Verstappen is the top driver for the Red Bull team and has been fighting to keep the team in second place and to get himself in second place among the driver list as well. The poor finished from Bottas gives him the advantage as he how only requires seven points to match Bottas. Therefore, if Verstappen manages to grab higher finishes than Bottas, he would be able to get the second-place finish for himself.

Sebastian Vettel is currently in fourth for the drivers but still manages to hold onto enough points to keep Ferrari int eh running for second. In the driver list, he hasn’t been doing well over the last few races as he loses the lead and chance for a third-place finish as a driver. Then again, Max Verstappen has been giving it his all and finishing higher in races, especially with the first-place finish in Germany.

One of the most significant advantages for the Ferrari team is the fact that Charles Leclerc also does well in races and currently holds the fifth position on the driver list. He now has 132 points, which isn’t too far behind the 156 points his teammate holds presently. He has had some bad luck over some races but still stays in the running by finishing well on other tracks.