Honda Remaining in Formula One till 2021

The Honda Racing Corporation announced on November 27th that they would continue providing engine support for Formula One in 2020 and 2021. This deal comes after considerable speculation that Honda wouldn’t support Red Bull or Toro Rosso going forward into the 2020 season. It appears that their involvement with the motorsport will be dependant on the new regulation cycle coming in 2021. Depending on how their engines can compete with the likes of Renault, Ferrari and Mercedes, this racing corporation could remain in F1 for many years going forward.

Honda caught their formula one break after acquiring the Red Bull Team contract, which followed after continuous issues with the McLaren Team. Since the change, the racing corporation has received multiple pole positions and four victories. It’s a significant accomplishment for the Formula One division of the Honda Racing Corporation, which hadn’t had any podiums or wins after their three-year stint with McLaren. Their reputation in the motorsport is growing thanks to these podium finishes, showing that their performance is increasing, and that engine unites are becoming more reliable.

Their first victory came from the hands of Max Verstappen, who got the Honda Racing Corporation their first Formula One victory since 2016. After thirteen years without any podiums or wins, Max took the Austrian Grand Prix from Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc. He would receive another two podium finishes in Brazil and Germany. Honda’s fourth victory came from Pierre Gasly with Toro Rosso. Rapid advancements indicate that a new leader in engine development could become. Max Verstappen and Pierre Gasly both praised Honda for their improvements, claiming their gains have been massive in the 2019 Campaign.

The Drivers Benefiting from Honda

Max Verstappen has spoken multiple times this season on the Honda Racing Corporation. He has mentioned that Honda is the correct decision for Red Bull and Toro Rosso. Max also noted that they’d all learned a lot throughout this season and that next year will be even better. Since Max Verstappen, Alex Albon, Pierre Gasly and Dannii Kvyat have confirmation that Honda is remaining in F1, they can look forward to growing that power throughout the 2021 Season. It should be noted that this marks the second season that the Honda Racing Corporation has supported Red Bull and the fourth season it will be supporting the Italian Toro Rosso team.