Esteban Ocon Speaks on Return to F1

The 2019 Season of Formula One saw the removal of Esteban Ocon from Racing Point. However, he was provided with another chance on the circuit with a new contract through Renault. The French driver had his first outing with Renault on Tuesday, December 3, 2019. He noted that the feeling of returning into a Formula One car was a fantastic feeling. There could’ve been the chance for Ocon to drive this year for Mercedes as the reserve driver, but neither Lewis Hamilton nor Valtteri Bottas missed a single session this year. Now Esteban Ocon partners with Daniel Riccardo for the 2020 season. The Pirelli Tyre Test Week at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi will be completed on Friday, December 6th. Ocon is expected to participate in the test week multiple times.

The younger driver mentioned that he has been more than excited for today, even after he was banned from the Mercedes Garage last weekend. Ocon spoke with Formula One reporters, where he noted that the car gave him an amazing first impression and that he feels incredibly welcome with the team. Reporters asked the driver how the development of his car is going, with Ocon stating that they’ve been working extensively on the little details and that they’re getting closer to a final product.

Reporters asked if using Hulkenberg’s car was challenging with his first testing session in more than twelve months. Esteban noted that his main focus is getting back up to speed with the competition and to create a great working relationship with everyone on the team. Afterwards, Ocon will focus on the larger details as it comes closer to the 2020 season on March 15th.

This young diver has had significant issues in the past regarding his position with fellow teammates and drivers on the grid. It doesn’t come as a huge surprise that he would be focusing on recreating his image and reputation as a driver. Ocon mentioned that getting to know everyone with Renault has been challenging but entertaining. Even with all the challenges of engaging with new people, Ocon was able to complete seventy-seven laps on the first ay of testing. He mentioned that even though there’s always room for improvement, the car felt very good and something he can drive for the upcoming season. Esteban Ocon finished his statements by saying he believes Renault has a solid base for the upcoming season and can be a serious contender for points.