F1 Canadian GP Top 5

The Canadian GP is the last to provide points to the constructors in the 2019 season so far. Of course, we have the French GP coming up next, but before we get there, let’s have a look at the points and finishes and how it affects the current standings.

One of the highlights is the Ferrari team making their way back to earn more points. We’ve seen a gradual increase in their positions with each race in the 2019 season, starting with third and fourth place finishes and now getting second place, thanks to the incredible driving skills of Sebastian Vettel. However, it’s not all been about the driving as Ferrari figures out a few things about the cars and what’s been holding them back. It’s easy to see that whatever has been holding them back has been fixed as they finally give the Mercedes team a run for their money!

The Canadian GP has been one of great excitement, especially for those wanting to free the Ferrari team get closer to the top. However, Mercedes claimed the first and second position for way too long, giving them a massive boost in points. Hamilton still manages to finish in the first place, even with Vettel being faster than he has been in the first few events of the season.

So, how did the Canadian GP end, and what does it mean for the teams?

Top 5 Finishes

While most were expecting to see both the Mercedes drivers once again take first and second place, it wasn’t quite the case, especially with the Ferrari drivers make their way to faster lap times. In first, Hamilton in the Mercedes claimed a time of 1:29:07.084, making him once again the race winner and claiming the most points. He increases the Mercedes lead by 25 points, adding an even more significant gap between them and Ferrari.

To the surprise of most, the other Mercedes driver, Bottas didn’t finish in the top three. Instead, we see two Ferrari drivers claim their way to high points. In second, we see Vettel with a time of just 3.658 seconds behind Hamilton. Sure, it might not have been a close race, but claiming second and beating at least one Mercedes counts a lot! Charles Leclerc in the other Ferrari finished in thirds place, making it the first race where both Ferrari drivers appear on the podium in 2019. In total, the Ferrari team managed total points of 28, putting them above Hamilton’s 25 points.

The total Ferrari points would have been high if V. Bottas didn’t finish in fourth place to claim another 13 points for Ferrari, which takes their total to 38. Finally, in fifth place, we see the Red Bull team still make their way to high points as Max Verstappen makes his way across the line. Though the team is quite far behind Ferrari now, they still holding onto their third place constructors position for the 2019 season.