Ferrari Might Still have a chance

The racing action if Formula 1 has been rather dull up to now when you look at the leaders. Mercedes has been claiming victories all the way and has given anyone else the change to finish in the first place. The first six races of the season showed Mercedes in first and second place, giving the team an amazingly big advantage when it comes to total points.

However, Ferrari seems to be stepping up their game and figuring out what’s been holding them back over the first few races of the season. Not only are they finally getting ahead of at least one Mercedes, but for the second time in a row, at least one Ferrari driver gets a second-place finish.

The Canadian GP has once again delivered some results that make the race well worth watching as we see Bottas finish if fourth place behind both Ferrari drivers. Sure, it still doesn’t mean Ferrari got the most points in the race, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction, especially when you consider the progress managed over the last two races.

The Monaco GP was just as high as Sebastian Vettel managed to race his way into second and drop Bottas in his Mercedes to third place. It’s just a shame Charles Leclerc wasn’t able to finish the race and ended up losing a lot of points for the team. However, the second-place finish gives all the Ferrari fans hope that there might be a chance of Ferrari pulling this back in their favour!

Second Place Won’t Do

There’s no doubt about it, Mercedes has been perfect this whole year and manages to keep the points incredibly high, making it almost impossible for any other teams to get close. The Mercedes team currently has 295 marks and are followed by 172 by the Ferrari team. That’s a significant gap, especially considering that Mercedes are still finishing in first and top positions, which always gives them the advantage of scoring more points than anyone else.

Thus, if Ferrari wants to get even close to scoring enough points and possibly winning the 2019 season, they would have to do what Mercedes has done up to now. Second and third are great, but both the drivers would need to win races in first and second place for more than just a few consecutive racing events.

It’s important to remember that Ferrari didn’t hold third and fourth while Mercedes was at the top but had some lower finished instead. This makes a huge difference when it comes to points as is means the points won’t be as big of an advantage if Ferrari gets first and second finishes. Let’s face it, the Mercedes drivers won’t fall far behind with the remaining races for 2019, and they are most likely to take a few more wins instead.