Can Ferrari Still Win the 2019 Season?

With the Chinese GP still close int eh rearview mirror and the Ferrari fans still hurting from the third and fifth positions, we need to start having a look at just how likely it is for Ferrari to step up their game and still stand a chance for 2019.

The Ferrari team had our hopes up high with their impressive 2019 SF90 car, giving all fans more than enough reason to believe that 2019 is the once again the year where the Italians will lead. However, it seems as if Mercedes had their own ideas as they haven’t given Ferrari the slightest chance to lead.

In fact, the 1,000th Grand Prix in China last weekend simply confirmed the worst for Ferrari as Mercedes breaks a record by taking first and second place for the third time in the first three races of the season. The last time any team managed to do this was in 1992 when McLaren had the advantage.

Mercedes now has a total of six podium wins within three races, putting them way at the top with 130 points for the Mercedes team. Hamilton is currently the lead driver with two wins within three races, adding a total of 68 points. Bottas, his teammate isn’t far behind with a single win in the three races and two second-place finishes, adding another 62 points to the total.

Ferrari managed to hold onto second place as far as team standing go, but they are far behind with a total of just 73 points. They are leading by quite a large amount, being 21 points ahead of the Red Bull team. When we take a look at the Ferrari drivers, we see their points are keeping them in the game as Vettel appears in third place for Ferrari after Verstappen who races for Red Bull. Charles Leclerc is seen in fifth place with a single point dividing him and his teammate.

The Red Bull team would’ve most likely taken second place from Ferrari is it wasn’t for Gasly who hasn’t been scoring as high as Verstappen in the first three races. He currently appears in sixth place, just after the Ferrari drivers, making it a reasonable threat to the Italian team.

Ferrari has to Improve

While the team still has loads of faith in their cars, it just doesn’t seem as if Vettel and Leclerc are keeping up with the amazing Mercedes drivers. In fact, it seems as if Red Bull might just take second place from them.
The team has what it takes to give the Mercedes drivers a run for their money, but things would have to change drastically for both Ferrari drivers to take the lead. At this point in time, it seems as if the best we can expect from Ferrari is to secure second place above the Red Bull team.