Chinese F1 Results

As the 1,000th Formula 1 race event finally arrives, we once again see some great action as the Mercedes and Ferrari drives do their best to stay ahead of the rest of claim significant points for their teams.

Right of the start line, we saw some incredible action from both Ferrari and Mercedes, and they lead the rest into the first turn. Hamilton managed to deliver a fantastic race right from the start by making it past his teammate Bottas and claiming first place.

Bottas managed to hold onto second place as they get through the first few tricky turns of the track and leading both Ferrari drivers. In third place, we saw Leclerc, followed by Ferrari teammate Vettel and the two Red Bull drivers behind him with Verstappen in fifth.

Lap 11

By the 11th lap, we saw Hamilton create quite a fantastic lead in the first place as Bottas couldn’t even keep up with around three seconds between them. However, Bottas was certainly giving it his all, creating quite a large gap between his and the Ferrari drivers.

Instead of racing hard and catching up, it seemed as if Ferrari was more concerned about who has the third place as the tips requested Leclerc to slow down and allow Vettel to get into third place.

Lap 17

By the 17th lap, we once again saw the Renault team lead to disappointment as they had technical problems with the car driven by Nico Hulkenberg. Even though there has been so much hope for the team leading up to the 2019 season, it just didn’t seem as if Renault can sort out the problems causing them, to break down in just about every race up to now.

Lap 20

Lap 20 had some great excitement as Verstappen was approaching Leclerc to claim a fourth place for the Red Bull team. Verstappen seemed to have all the confidence in the world as he overshoots on the brakes and gets past the Ferrari in the middle of the corner. However, Leclerc managed to keep to his line and follow through, giving him back fourth place by the time they left to corner. However, but lap 26 we saw Verstappen overtake again and held the fourth place for the Red Bull team.

Lap 32

In lap 32, just over halfway through the race, we saw the Mercedes team do their impressive double-stack pit stop, which has both cars come in just seconds apart, allowing them both to get on new tires within the same lap.


By the end of the race, the top five cars followed about the same positions, giving the Mercedes team a considerable stack of points once again. In the first place, we saw Hamilton score 25 points, Bottas gets 18 points in second, followed by Sebastian Vettel in third place to gain another 15 points for the Ferrari team. In fourth place, Max Verstappen won 12 points for Red Bull, and Charles Leclerc managed another 10 points for Ferrari.