Zac Brown & Mattia Binotto At Odds

Formula One is changing rapidly throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Alterations to the sport that supporters never thought possible have been implemented. This includes a strategy to lower the fund caps per team. It was already decided that $145 million would be the maximum budget available for the 2021 Season, with this agreement being made last year. Suggestions to decrease those capped funds again have followed with multiple teams concerned for their survival throughout COVID-19.

The associated cost operating an F1 Team is extensive, with outfits like McLaren and Haas, most likely to leave the sport without these limitations. That’s why Zac Brown became distraught after learning that Mattia Binotto, the Team Principal for Ferrari, announced that the Red Horses would leave F1 if another limitation were imposed onto capped funds per team. It should be mentioned that the new team capped funds under the FIAs approval would be $100 million.

Zac Brown spoke with reporters via Zoom, engaging in a video conference to converse about Mattia Binotto’s statements. The McLaren F1 CEO noted that he’s baffled by the Ferrari Team Principal’s remarks, expressing that Mattia contradicted himself with these statements and could force significant setbacks onto Formula One with his ignorance. Zac Brown then clarified where Mattia Binotto’s ignorance stems, with it relating to COVID-19.

Bad Leadership from Ferrari

The McLaren CEO spoke about the current pandemic, mentioning that this is the most exponential crisis seen worldwide in 100+ years. Nations globally have shut down, with numerous industries being affected to the point of no return. This extends towards various outfits in Formula One, with Zac Brown noting that Mattia Binotto is in denial with the COVID-19 Pandemic. The CEO has often disputed the prolonged effects of the virus, with Mattia being disturbed with the overwhelming level of death around him in Italy. This denial doesn’t constitute Mattia maintaining poor leadership with Ferrari, and F1 itself.

It should be noted that Ferrari’s Team Principal has continuously been flagged with backlash throughout the last six months. This follows after he initiated a private settlement with the Formula International Association, paying out $50 million to the FIA after illegal fuels were located in Vettel and Leclerc’s cars.