How F1 Points Stack up after French GP

The F1 French GP labels the 8th race of the 2019 season where Mercedes has been dominating by finishing in the top 2 positions in just about every race. Hamilton has become the new Schumacher and it seems his Hakkinen isn’t much of a threat since it’s his teammate Bottas, giving the Mercedes team quite an advantage when it comes to choosing the winner of the 2019 season.

In the French GP, we saw some interesting result as the Ferrari team are certainly getting their things in gear to keep up with the Mercedes drivers. However, they still aren’t getting it right to match up quite as well as they’d like as at least one of the Mercedes drivers manages to put quite a large lead with every race.

However, in the Austria GP, things changed completely as we saw the Mercedes drivers only reach a top finish of third place. Naturally, this changes toe points around quite drastically, especially with Max Verstappen winning the race for Red Dull, Charles Leclerc finishing in second and Bottas in third place. Even Vettel managed to finish ahead of Hamilton in fourth place, followed by Hamilton in fifth.

Top 5 Driver Points

With the last race offering such unexpected results, we see the points changing quite drastically with individual drivers. Things seem a lot closer together, which is surprising when you consider just how many races Hamilton and Bottas have finished ahead of the rest.

Of course, Hamilton is still far ahead of the pack with a total of 197 points, followed by Bottas with 166 points. Things become a bit closer when we look at Max Verstappen with a total of 126 points, followed by Sebastian Vettel with 123 points. Even the new Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc managed to keep up with a total of 105 points, which concludes the top five drivers in 2019. Charles separates the top 5 from the rest with a lead of more than 60 points over Pierre Gasly who currently has 43 points.

Team Standings

The F1 team standings are a bit rather apart as this would include the results of both drivers. When we look at teams, we only see three leaders as the points for Renault in fourth place differ by more than 100 compared to the total of 169 by the Red Dull team in third.

Even though Mercedes didn’t do as well as they were hoping in the Austrian GP, they still lead the as the top team by a large margin. The top place finished in all the other races has given them the ability to stack up a total of 363 points, including the Austria results. Ferrari has managed to grab some impressive points in the past race, especially since both drivers managed to finish in the top five positions. They now have a total of 228 points, which might seem impossible to catch up to Mercedes, but it’s not quite that just yet.