Zak Brown Criticizes Racing Point Over Lance Stroll Infection

The Eifel Grand Prix for Formula One saw Racing Point’s Lance Stroll become infected with COVID-19. How team owner Lawrence Stroll reacted & responded to his son’s positive infection has been widely criticized by the Formula One grid. One of the more vocal critics towards Lawrence Stroll & Racing Point has been Zak Brown, the team owner of McLaren Racing.

The F1 paddock knew that something wasn’t being correctly reported when Lance Stroll withdrew from the Eifel Grand Prix at Nürburgring Circuit. Racing Point announced that Lance Stroll has symptoms associated with the flu & not the coronavirus. Proper testing on a potential coronavirus infection wasn’t sustained with Lance Stroll. Instead, his father (Lawrence Stroll) had contacted their family physician in Germany over the phone. Lance Stroll detailed his symptoms & the physician diagnosed that Lawrence’s son didn’t have the coronavirus contagion. When arriving in Switzerland days later, a forced PCR test at the border determined that Lance Stroll had COVID-19.

Lawrence Stroll had actively avoided FIA protocols associated with the pandemic. FIA protocols require that whenever a team member or driver has symptoms related to COVID-19, their meant to get tested & forced into quarantine immediately. Lawrence Stroll knowingly allowed his son to break these rules, believing that as team owner, his son gets special exemptions. That isn’t the case & a regular complaint associated with the Stroll family. Billionaire babies who don’t follow the rules.

Judgement Passed

McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown clarified that whatever doctor Lawrence Stroll had contacted is foolish. He’d state that it must’ve been Dr Dre & Dr Seuss that made the decision that Lance Stroll didn’t have COVID-19. Zak Brown then judged Racing Point Owner Lawrence Stroll for saying that their racing team tests more than any company worldwide. Brown doesn’t know how these foolish billionaire children could ever substantiate that claim.

Zak Brown believes that Racing Point should receive fines from the Formula International Association. FIA regulation was broken & regardless of the funds that Lawrence Stroll has put into Formula One, his permittance of Lance Stroll breaking conduct shouldn’t be tolerated.