What Influences the Fi Driver Market Most

What playing a major part in the recurring factor of determining who goes where in 2019 in Formula 1, certain drivers are restricted. At the end, it appears that there is basically no easy solution. It’s been an unusually frantic and silly season in Formula 1, one dominated by team relationships, junior drivers, and how they help or hinder career progression. Every development in one way or another has been linked to a driver programme, which is tied to an association between teams.

Some of the most recent news highlights included that the McLaren team will be joined by Lando Norris to partner with Carlos Sainz, and that means that twenty of the 2019 Formula 1 seats have been filled, officially. The Frenchman, Esteban Ocon, previously linked with McLaren, is back in the spotlight. During the Monza weekend speculation increased regarding Ferrari having a change of heart that was led by the question around the new boss and if he would be looking to fulfil the wishes of Sergio Marchionne by placing Charles Leclerc in the seat of the second car.

F1 Surprises

Over the weekend the Finn, Kimi Raikkonen took the surprise pole and turned out to be the best hope of success at Maranello, while it was also not the first time for the German, Sebastian Vettel to mess up, it appears he learned very little if anything forms his mistakes in this season or that of the 2017 season. In his reaction as the qualifying session ended, it is easy to think of a possible rift with Kimi Raikkonen. But that could be influenced by the way he handled the debut at Red Bull in 2014 of Daniel Ricciardo, which made it clear that he is unimpressed by any thought of partnering with young chargers.

Raikkonen & Ferrari

Should Ferrari welcome Leclerc it would be interesting to see which rival team snaps up Raikkonen, his speed and experience, the Finn just might decide on a second-time retirement. Again, it is not that plain and simple, especially not after the recent disappointment and the overall feel that Vettel blew it again, so at the end, it might just be that Raikkonen could be the better mentor when it comes to Leclerc.

F1 Drivers Play Musical Chairs

There is also a lot of talk about Lance Stroll and that he, before the season end will head to Racing Point. These speculations were further encouraged by the team’s performance during the past two races. A move as such will most certainly start a reshuffling that could involve several teams. Is F1 becoming a game of musical chairs for the drivers? Still, there are quite a few positions for the F1 2019 to keep the rumours going, while most team positions have now been filled, and confirmed, officially.