USA Formula 1 Grand Prix Predictions

On October 21, the Formula One tour will make their way to the Circuit of Americas in the USA Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton claimed yet another victory in Japan where he shared the podium with Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen. Hamilton now has the opportunity to end the title challenge with Sebastian Vettel when they race in Texas, but its certainly not the dramatic finish racing fans hoped for.

Lewis Hamilton and the Driver’s Championship

Lewis Hamilton can win the Driver’s Championship this weekend if he manages to finish in pole position at the USA Grand Prix, claiming the title 4 races before the final racing event in Abu Dhabi in November. The Mercedes driver has a phenomenal record in the USA, winning a total of 5 races out of 6. Hamilton’s chances of winning are boosted by Sebastian Vettel’s struggles in recent races and the only challenge for Hamilton now is Valtteri Bottas, but as we’ve witnessed before, not even he will get the opportunity when Lewis can claim it all.

Vettel Makes Life Easy for Hamilton

It would be quite embarrassing for Ferrari and Vettel to have the Driver’s Championship title decided when there are still 4 races remaining on the Formula One calendar. However, it is starting to look like that’s the only scenario and Vettel has no one else to blame but himself. Vettel had a tremendous start to the season but is making life easy for Hamilton of late. When you compare 118 points for Hamilton against 45 points to Vettel in the last 5 races, you can clearly see how the gap has grown.

Circuit of the Americas

The sensational track in Austin is 5.515km in length and is one of the best circuits to be added to the F1 calendar in the last 20 years. It boasts with 20 corners and is one of a few that runs counter-clockwise. With an average speed of 208 kph, the lap record belongs to Vettel which he posted in 2012 while driving for Red Bull.

The track’s modern design comes with a recreation of Maggotts-Becketts-Chapel sequence in Silverstone and includes the arena bends in Hockenheim, and a replica of Turn Eight from the track in Istanbul. The wide corners are also a distinctive feature, encouraging drivers to follow several racing lines. Also, the Circuit of the Americas is designed with far more left turns as oppose to right turns, as such, it provides a more significant challenge for drivers that are accustomed with clockwise circuits.

Hamilton for the Win

It’s difficult to imagine anyone but Hamilton winning the race in Texas on October 21. He claimed pole position in 4 of the 5 races at the Circuit of the Americas and won the last four of those. This gives him even more confidence when they head to the USA Grand Prix. Vettel had to retire in Japan for the second time in three races, and it doesn’t look like his luck will turn around any time soon.