Types of F1 Bets

It’s quite amazing to see how many professional betting options are available on Formula One. It’s not all about choosing the race winner or the team winner at the end of the season. You can wager on just about anything you desire. Which is why we think it’s important to know the options before the 2019 season begins.

Before we get started with F1 betting options, it’s essential to keep your eye on multiple betting sites for the ultimate in odds. Not only could you get better odds at some places, but some might even include additional benefits. Especially for those who use accumulator bets, looking for promotions or simply odds that allow you to score the best price every time!

Below, we look at some of the most popular F1 betting options:

Race Winners

Race winners are the most standard and distinct form of F1 betting as it merely requires you to choose the driver who will hold the title. Though an easy way of betting, it can get quite involved. Especially when you do your homework and dip into the race results and the possibilities of other drivers taking the lead instead.

Matching Up

Matchup betting options would take a series of two to six drivers and give you the opportunity to wager on who will finish the highest. The great thing about this option is that you don’t need to choose the racer who would finish first. Preferably just the one who would finish higher among the selected ones. Some bookies can provide as many as 15 match-up options with each event.

Podium Finish

Podium finish or top 3 bets are popular for those who don’t get too technical with who will win. However, you would still need to do some homework on the racers as you’ll wager who finished in the top three positions of the race. The odds are the same, no matter the finish position of the driver you wager on.

Top Six

The same as Top Three, the Top Six betting option is even more popular with those who want to wager, but not go through all the hassle and fine details. Once again, you bet on the driver or drivers who finish in the top six. The odds are a little lower than the top 3, but with the right ACCA bet, you might have the advantage of impressive payouts.


Placing a bet on the margin the race leader will win takes a lot of knowledge as you’re wagering on how far ahead they will be at the end. Of course, many things could play a role with this betting option, but most betting sites provide multiple opportunities, including under a particular time, between certain times and over a certain time.

Future Bets

With a future bet, you’ll choose the winning driver or team for the season. This is an easy, but risky bet as so many things could happen, look at Ferrari last year.

Prop Bets

Talking about things going wrong and right, you could even place a wager on those things happening. Of course, the odds are very impressive, but you’ll need to know your F1 sport to be accurate with these options.