The Fight for Second in F1 Constructors

If you have been following Formula One at all in 2019, you would know that Mercedes has once again managed to dominate and completely get ahead of the rest. It is now confirmed that they are the winners of the constructors’ cup as they have already accumulated enough points for anyone to catch up with in the last four races of the season.

Ferrari has managed to perform at their very best and try to catch up with the team, but now it is merely impossible. Mercedes currently leads with a total of 612 points, which is just after the Japanese Grand Prix. They have managed a total of 12 race wins and appeared on the podium 27 times up to now.

The closest team to their performance is Ferrari in second place which has a total of 435 points. They have also been impressive with three race wins and a total of 17 podium appearances. As you can see, just under 200 points divide these two teams and it is officially impossible for Ferrari to make up those points before the end of the 2019 season.

Therefore, we shift to the fight for second place as Red Bull, and Ferrari still battles it out. However, as some of you would know, the Red Bull team has had some bad luck in the last couple of races. Up to now, Max Verstappen has been keeping up the Ferrari team, but his teammate couldn’t perform on quite the same level. When we look at the individual driver point standings, we see Max appearing in third place, right between the two Ferrari drivers. Currently, he is tied with Vettel at 212 point due to a DNF at the Japanese Grand Prix.

Ferrari has Would Most Likely Take Second-Place

When we look at the performance of the Ferrari team, we see that they are becoming consistent with finishing in the top five positions of every race. This ensures they get a significant number of points, which includes the finish at the Japanese Grand Prix. Sebastien Vettel managed to finish in second place to add 18 points for Ferrari while Charles Leclerc place for a total of eight points. At the same time, the Red Bull team only managed a total of six points as Gasly finished in seventh place and Max did not finish the race.

When we look at the total points, we see a difference of just over 100 points between these two teams. It is still possible for Red Bull to catch up, but it is highly unlikely, especially with the way Ferrari has been performing in the last few races. For those who of Red Bull fans, Gasly would need to step up and provide similar performance to Max before they would stand a chance at overtaking Ferrari. For now, it is quite clear that the Italian team would be taking second place in the constructors’ cup for the 2019 season.