Standings After Hungarian GP Results

Sunday the 4th of August 2019 had the Hungarian GP present new results for the F1 teams. The last few races had impressive results as Mercedes doesn’t seem to keep up with the high expectations everyone now has for them. Let’s face it, the team did amazingly well in the first few races of the season and even in recent competitions they manage to keep finishing high, but certainly not as high as to how the year started.

Ferrari also seems to find what’s been holding them back up to now as they begin to perform incredibly well in the last few races. Of course, Max Verstappen with Red Bull isn’t making it easy for them, which all adds to the entertainment for Formula 1.

Current Team Standings

The team standings remain mostly the same with Mercedes way out in front with a total of 438 points in total. They haven’t finished terribly in the last few races, but they also haven’t finished as well as they have in the first part of the season. It would be quite tricky for Ferrari in second to catch them, and at this point, it’s almost impossible. Mercedes would have to finish poorly in all the races ahead for Ferrari to have any chance of catching them.

Ferrari, who is in second, has been performing much better over the last few races. Vettel and Leclerc didn’t have the best start as one of the drivers would finish well, and the other would usually decrease the total points by not finishing in the top five. However, as we’ve seen at the Hungarian GP with a third and fourth finish, the team manages to increase their points and keep ahead of the Red Bull team. Currently, they have a total of 288 points.

Max Verstappen has been able to keep the Red Bull team in the running for the top three team finishes. He managed to finish first at the German GP and seems to get ahead of the Ferrari drivers more often than not. However, his teammate P. Gasly is having a hard time delivering the same results. When Verstappen managed a first-place finish, his teammate appeared on the DNF list and contributed no points to the totals. Then again, at the Hungarian GP, he managed to finish in sixth place while Verstappen was in second, adding an excellent 27 points for the team. The two Ferrari drivers finished in third and fourth, adding the same 27 points to their total as well. Currently, the Red Bull team has 244 points, which is just 44 points behind Ferrari. However, as we can see, the Ferrari team is just as hungry for the second-place finish, making these two teams the ones worth waiting for now.

Up next we have the Belgian GP, which is once again sure to be one well worth looking forward to. It’s certainly interesting to see the odds on betting sites when it comes to who will be grabbing a position in the top-five finishes.