Sebastian Vettel Leaving Ferrari After 2020

Scuderia Ferrari made a shocking announcement to the Formula One community. It was revealed that Sebastian Vettel, their primary driver for the last five seasons, will be leaving the team come the end of 2020. This was a mutual decision from both parties after lengthy delegations couldn’t prove beneficial for either. Vettel was requesting his annual salary of $40 million for the 2021 Season, with Scuderia Ferrari offering half that valuation. Lowered wages followed after Vettel couldn’t obtain more than 15 Grand Prix Podium victories, which extended towards Sebastian being unable to acquire Ferrari a Constructors Championship.

Mattia Binotto expected a certain level from Sebastian Vettel after the German driver obtained four Constructor & Driver championships for Red Bull. After Charles Leclerc joined Scuderia Ferrari in 2019, showing formidable skillsets that often-outpaced Vettel in Qualifying and the Races, Mattia Binotto switched his focus towards the Monaco-born driver.

The Statements

Both Sebastian Vettel and Scuderia Ferrari made their respective statements regarding the unexpected announcement. Vettel clarified that to achieve the best results possible in Formula One, it’s required for both parties to work together in harmony. Sebastian continued by mentioning that himself and Scuderia Ferrari have realized there isn’t a desire to compete together after 2020. Vettel claims that financial disputes didn’t factor into this combined decision, that he doesn’t think based on wealth. Insiders close to these delegations have requested otherwise.

It’s now expected that multiple teams are negotiating with Sebastian Vettel, determining which outfit is best suited for this German driver. Rumours indicate that his departure from Ferrari will see Vettel move towards Racing Point or Renault, with either Carlos Sainz or Daniel Riccardo replacing Sebastian. It’s unknown who McLaren Racing would replace Carlos with come 2021.

Sebastian Vettel started his Formula One career in 2006 with BMW Sauber. He’d quickly switch to Toro Rosso throughout the 2007-08 Seasons. Vettel would inevitably gain placement with Red Bull – Aston Martin Racing, obtaining four champions back-to-back. It’s these notable accomplishments that garnered him the $40 million yearly contract fee with Ferrari. After not performing to expectations, Sebastian Vettel has more or less been fired.