Sebastian Vettel Begins Extension Contract Discussions

The Ferrari Formula One Team provided details regarding their contract negotiations with Sebastian Vettel. It was confirmed today that this outfit has begun determining the conditions for a potential extension, with the four-time world champion having previously mentioned throughout the 2019 season that he’d enjoy resigning. Those discussions won’t be complete until the upcoming formula one championship is completed, with team directors determining his performance to Charles Leclerc and other drivers on the grid.

When it was confirmed that contract negotiations began, representatives with Ferrari mentioned that Vettel and Mattia Benedetto spoke before the winter holidays on the potential outcome. Insiders close to the two men believe that these discussions weren’t positive, with Sebastian being told he’ll stand as the “Number Two” driving moving forward under an extension. However, these same insiders claimed that Ferrari doesn’t want to change partners for Vettel or Leclerc, even with the teammates crashing into each other in 2019. Last year saw sporting analysts and supporters argue who was the number one driver, with executives providing minimal context on their decision.

Rumours surrounding the Ferrari lineup for 2021 revealed that Lewis Hamilton could be contracted to the Italians. After two weeks of motorsport analysts determining if these rumours could be true, both Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton confirmed that these discussions were non-existent. The British Superstar holds his loyalties with Mercedes AMG-Petronas. This leaves with Mattia Benedetto with Antonio Giovinazzi, Carlos Sainz and Daniel Riccardo for potential drivers in 2021. That’s under the condition that Sebastian Vettel isn’t re-signed with Ferrari.

The History of Vettel at Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel first joined the Ferrari F1 Team in 2015, which was slated for a three-year contract. Throughout the entirety of his career with the Italian Horses, Vettel has been the closest competitor to Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas. His skillsets with Ferrari have been minimal in comparison to his time with Red Bull, receiving limited podiums per-season. He’s remained with Ferrari by the skin of his teeth, re-signing with them in 2017 for an additional two-years until 2020.

The German Driver maintained one of his most disappointing seasons to date throughout 2019, with Charles Leclerc dominating over Sebastian Vettel regularly. It saw the German place 5th in the driver standings, with Leclerc listed as 4th. Motorsport analysts believe that Vettel is ageing similarly to Lewis Hamilton, with these vehicles being too delicate for their older bodies. Subsequently, we could see both the reigning world champions in Formula One leave by 2021.