Russian GP Results

Ferrari fans around the world are sure to be on the hunt for the Russian GP results to see if they’ve once again managed to get ahead with points. The Singapore GP was a significant step in the right direction with a finish in both first and second place. Unfortunately, the Russian GP didn’t go so well for them and what’s worse is the fact that Mercedes once again takes back their natural first and second-place finish, stacking up massive points. There’s some light at the end of the tunnel as Leclerc finished in third, but it quickly becomes dark again as Vettel did not finish, meaning any points from his side.

The Ferrari team cannot afford to have finished like this if they hope to get closer to Mercedes and possibly claim the first-place finish for the season. While it’s highly unlikely, some still hold onto the hope that they’ll pull it off somehow. The Russian GP results are certainly not what they were hoping for. Let’s see what happened and how the results came to be.

Russian GP Highlights

Ferrari had such a good shot at once again claiming the podium positions as they took hold of first and second place right off the line. They even managed to separate themselves from the rest within just the first few corners with Vettel up in front and Leclerc right behind him. In the third, we saw Hamilton while Bottas was sitting in fifth.

By lap six, the Ferrari team managed to get more than 2 seconds away from the rest. Hamilton was more than 3 seconds behind Vettel in the first place. One lap later, we finally saw some action from Mercedes as Bottas makes his way to fourth place. This could be one of the sections where Ferrari made some mistakes as the team requested Vettel to allow Leclerc to get in first place where he qualified. Vettel was doing an incredible job and even managed to pull a lead of more than 3.6 seconds over his teammate by lap 15.

Leclerc was the first to pit of the Ferrari team. By doing so, he managed to catch up and overtake Vettel when he went in to pit just a few laps later. The team was looking good and would’ve taken back first and second place when the Mercedes’ went in for their stops. However, at lap 28, Ferrari told Vettel to stop the car as they have an MGUK problem, taking one of the leaders out the race.

Hamilton managed an excellent pit stop time and grabbed the first place by getting out just ahead of Leclerc. The same happened with Bottas, meaning both Mercedes’ was now leading the race. However, the Ferrari managed to catch up fast and closed half the gap by the time they got to lap 36. Lewis Hamilton placed first, with Bottas taking the second position. Leclerc came in third and Verstappen in fourth.