Pierre Gasly Reflects on his 2019 Season

The 2019 Formula One Season had numerous exciting moments that will go down in motorsport history, such as Lewis Hamilton winning his 6th championship title. Every driver has begun to reflect on the past season, with Pierre Gasly being the most recent. He mentioned that this season felt like a Hollywood film, with him experience highs and lows. This came after he started 2019 with Red Bull Aston Martin but was then swapped to Toro Rosso after performing below expectations. Pierre Gasly retained his role with Red Bull after having an active campaign for his debut season with Toro Rosso in 2018. Unfortunately, he couldn’t keep with the pace of Max Verstappen and was swapped for Alex Albon.

Most anticipated that this young driver wouldn’t compete admirably with Toro Rosso after the summer break. However, he impressed millions of fans by having a better campaign throughout the second half of the 2019 campaign. He acquired his first podium finish at the Brazilian Grand Prix, which came after fighting Lewis Hamilton for 2nd place down the main straight. He performed better than Daniil Kvyat during a period where he lost his best friend, Antoine Hubert, from a Formula Two crash.

Autosport Magazine Interview

Gasly spoke with Autosport Magazine recently, expressing that he wouldn’t even imagine the events that transpired throughout 2019. Pierre mentioned that it was similar to a Hollywood movie filled with a rollercoaster of every emotion imaginable. However, Gasly clarified that acquiring 2nd place at the Brazilian Grand Prix was the best moment in his life. This incredible moment was matched by the terrible loss of Hubert at Spa.

Pierre Gasly believes that the 2019 season has defined him as a driver. Gasly now has the talents to compete with formidable drivers with any emotional mindset. He expressed that he’ll continue to push forward and regain his placement with Aston Martin Red Bull Racing. Considering that Alex Albon hasn’t been confirmed past 2020, this alteration in the driver lineup is possible. However, Gasly will have to push his Toro Rosso to new extremes. The comments he made with Autosport Magazine ended with him mentioning that hard work pays off and that he’s never felt more comfortable behind the seat of an F1 Car. Just like with Valtteri Bottas in 2019, we could be seeing Pierre Gasly 2.0 in 2020. Supporters of Pierre Gasly cannot see their French driver compete for another three months when the Formula One 2020 season begins in Melbourne, Australia.