Naomi Osaki Inspires Daniel Ricciardo

Formula One Drivers are known for competing beyond their motorsport or being interested in other professional sports for entertainment purposes. When it comes to Renault Racing’s Daniel Ricciardo, the Australian enjoys watching the ATP & WTA Tours. This isn’t surprising considering that professional tennis is enjoyed by millions of Aussie’s, with the Australian Open considering a significant event.

Daniel Ricciardo proved himself a supporter of the Women’s Tennis Association & a fan of Naomi Osaka. Ricciardo took inspiration from Naomi Osaka’s facemask designs from the US Open, which saw the Half Black/Half Asian tennis professional had various words supporting the Black Lives Matter stitched into her facemask. Daniel Ricciardo would follow suit at the Russian Grand Prix between September 25th to 27th, with his facemask having the words “Equality” and “Justice” stitched onto the outside.

It marks the 1st time that Daniel Ricciardo has stood beside the Black Lives Matter Movement in a public fashion, similar to Lewis Hamilton. Ricciardo wouldn’t comment on why Hamilton didn’t inspire him to act over Naomi Osaka. It’s likely because Osaka genuinely wants to assist other sporting institutions in eliminating systemic racism. Lewis Hamilton hasn’t worked the same way, seemingly more vengeful towards his F1 employers.

Daniel Reflects on His Decision

F1 Reporters questioned Daniel Ricciardo during the Russian GP Pre-Race Press Conference on his facemask. The Honey Badger clarified that while watching the US Open, he saw Naomi Osaka wear a facemask in deep black with bright white words. Ricciardo reflected that he felt she was speaking a firm voice without saying much. Daniel also mentioned that Naomi Osaka used “Prime Real Estate” for 2020 sports gear towards the right message, and believed it was perfect for himself.

Ricciardo ended his sentiments by stating everyone deserves to be treated fairly & to live life happily. With that in mind, Daniel wants to raise awareness of the social injustices that have occurred in recent years. He wants everyone to be kinder towards one another. It’s not surprising that Ricciardo would take this mentality, with the former Red Bull Driver having always maintained a positive attitude.