Lando Norris Learning McLaren Inside and Out

Formula One Drivers are infamously known for not going beyond the routine of Practice, Qualifying, and then competing in twenty Grand Prix’s per year (2020 being the exception). All other tasks are left towards accompanying groups in their team, such as Engineers & Mechanics. That isn’t the case with F1s youngest driver, Lando Norris. The upcoming British superstar was photographed assisting with McLaren F1 Racing in the stripping of his vehicle. It’s the 1st time supporters of Lando have seen him in a mechanics position, which comes after reports indicated Norris played a significant factor in the development of his MCL35.

Teams in Formula One have traversed between Austria & Hungary over the last three weeks, allowing organizations to regain their composure for F1s 2020 Season. After placing 13th in the Hungarian Grand Prix on July 19th, Lando Norris requested witnessing his MCL35. Roughly five men were seen stripping the #4 Formula One Racecar, with it expected that notes were taken to account for changes needed before Silverstone in Britain. Lando Norris will maintain a strong position at Silverstone, living five minutes from the circuit & McLaren Headquarters. Norris trains more at this circuit than Lewis Hamilton.

The sportsmanship seen towards McLaren F1 Racing is evident when looking at Lando Norris’s past. Before joining the team in 2019, Norris didn’t hesitate to grab a tea for Fernando Alonso during Circuit of the Americas in 2018. That moment has become famous in Lando Norris’s history with McLaren, as it showed this young child was egotistical & dedicated to the cause of racing. Lando reposted the photographed image of him stripping the MCL35. He emphasized that going fast means racing alone but making the distance means moving forward together. This was an apparent reference to the reported times Norris assisted mechanics.

Norris on 1st Podium Finish

McLaren supporters still have high hopes for Lando Norris, who obtained his 1st Podium Finish in Formula One during the Austrian Grand Prix. The British superstar would also receive the fastest lap in the fight against Lewis Hamilton’s 5-Second penalty. Norris emphasized then his speechlessness & that there was a concern during the final laps that the penalty wouldn’t be overcome. Fans hope that confidence will grow for Lando in 2020 and that a second podium finish can be acquired.