Lance Stroll Avoids Questions on Sebastian Vettel

The Formula One Paddock hasn’t stopped discussing the possibility of Sebastian Vettel joining Aston Martin (Racing Point) for 2021. Rumours have suggested that Lance Stroll & Sergio Perez are both at jeopardy of losing their contracts with Racing Point, making way for Sebastian Vettel in 2021s campaign. Discussions with both Stroll & Perez are starting to indicate which driver is losing their seat with Racing Point. Mexico’s Sergio Perez evokes that his seat at Aston Martin is cemented. Lance Stroll hasn’t stated his position is guaranteed, often avoiding the subject of Sebastian Vettel with F1 reporters.

Lance Stroll being fired from Racing Point would shock the Formula One Paddock. Lance is the son of Lawrence Stroll, Owner & CEO of Racing Point. The Canadian Billionaire is poised to elect Sebastian Vettel for 2021 under the newly rebranded version of Racing Point, which is being renamed Aston Martin Racing. Creating a championship team often requires a driver with formidable talent & other than Lewis Hamilton or Max Verstappen, Sebastian Vettel is the exclusive driver to provide that talent.

Different Behaviours

The same weekend that Sebastian Vettel is rumoured to sign with Aston Martin Racing, Lance Stroll avoided discussing the German driver & displayed evident anger over unknown circumstances. Sergio Perez’s behaviour was calm, relaxed, and straight forward. It’s led the F1 Paddock & community to wonder if Lawrence Stroll had informed his son that racing in 2021 wouldn’t be possible, that Vettel is taking his seat.

When the question about his father acquiring Sebastian Vettel for 2021 under the Aston Martin banner, Lance Stroll stated, “I have nothing to say about that” and then made a notably long pause. After the conversation moved towards the upcoming Belgium Grand Prix at Spa, Lance Stroll was often found looking into the distance. Something was evident on this driver’s mind on August 28th.

Sergio Perez evoked that Racing Point & himself believe in the upcoming rebranding, that together they want to carry-on towards obtaining a championship in Formula One. Perez also noted his pleasure with the team, that his tenure with Racing Point won’t end anytime soon.