Japanese F1 Results

It is finally official that the Mercedes team wins the constructors championship for 2019. The Japanese Grand Prix revealed some exciting racing action from both the Mercedes and Ferrari drivers. However, the Ferrari team had some bad luck early in the race and could not stack up the points to match Mercedes. Therefore, Mercedes has officially crowned the constructors champion of 2019, which also means they have now beaten Ferrari’s record as they’ve won six years consecutively.

As some of you might already know, Ferrari is still in second place with a total of 433 points. However, this is quite far behind the Mercedes team which has 612 points after the Japanese Grand Prix. Luckily for the Ferrari team, they are quite safe in second place as Red Bull only has 323 points.
The Mercedes team certainly earned this big three with a total of 12 race wins, and 27 podium finishes up to now. Ferrari, who is in second place, managed to claim three race wins and a total of 17 podium finishes. Finally, in third place, the Red Bull team managed to win two races and a total of six podiums.

Japanese Race Highlights

The Japanese Grand Prix started with both Ferrari drivers up in front. The Mercedes team were right behind them, and as the lights turned green, Bottas managed to grab a quick first place by getting around Sebastien Vettel also writes the line. By the time we got to the first corner, more disaster had struck for the Red Bull team and Ferrari. Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen connected on the first turn, sending the Red Bull car or for the track while the Ferrari seemed to have damage. This meant Charles had to do a pitstop, dropping him to 17th position. Not long after, we saw the Red Bull cargo all the track and retire from the race.

Charles Leclerc managed to put up an incredible show by making his way through to the sixth position by the end of the race. If the collision with Max didn’t occur, it could very well have ended with the Ferrari in the first place. Instead, Bottas finished in the first place and added yet another 25 points for the Mercedes team. In the second place, just over 13 seconds behind the winning Mercedes, we saw Sebastien Vettel claiming second place and a total of 18 points for Ferrari. In third place, Lewis Hamilton with getting another 16 points. Charles Leclerc only added a total of six points, making their total less than that claimed by the Mercedes driver in the first place.

Points Highlights

When we look at the current total point per driver, we see that Lewis Hamilton is far ahead with 338 points. Behind him, is the other Mercedes driver with a total of 274 points. Currently, Charles has third place with 221, and both Max and Sebastien now tie with 212 points.