How the Points Stack up for the Top 5 Drivers and Teams

When we try to predict the future of F1 and who might win the 2020 championship or get into the top five, we need to consider the progress of this year. Luckily, it’s quite easy with modern technology as we can search for last year’s results. However, it’s best to consider the points and who managed to get the most after each race as this tells you more about who is fastest on a specific track.

Now, with the British GP behind us, we can see how the teams stacked up against the points either catch up to those head or fall further behind. As with the rest of the 2019 season, loads of new shifts have taken place, but there’s no doubt that Mercedes and Hamilton remain at the top, which is a given.

Below, we look at both the top point earners in drivers and teams for the British GP and how it affects the leaderboard and the possibilities of changes.

Driver Points

The British F1 race was undoubtedly another one with great racing action, but as expected, we saw Hamilton cross the line first, which could have been quite different if Vettel wasn’t didn’t crash. Either way, Hamilton managed a massive 26 points for the Mercedes team. The most significant boost for the team is the fact that Bottas also drives for Mercedes and leads to complete races in high positions as well. At the British GP, he led an impressive 18 points, meaning Mercedes scored a total of 44 points for the team.

Ferraro was doing well and appearing in the top five finishes, but Vettel couldn’t get his breaks quick enough and ran straight into Verstappen, taking himself out the race. Verstappen at least managed to finish the race, but the Ferrari was out and didn’t earn any points. Luckily, for the team, Charles Leclerc manages to become a shining star and claim third place and take home 15 points. As you can see, it doesn’t compare at all against Mercedes, but it at least adds to the team’s total.

The Red Bull team has been behind Ferrari for just about the entire season, and Max Verstappen has been racing hard to keep up. The team got a bit of luck with Vettel not finishing and with both drivers doing well and claiming fourth and fifth place. This gives the Red Bull team an impressive boost of 22 points.

Team Points

After the British GP, we see the point differences remain about the game. This far into the season, you can’t expect to see significant differences, especially not with the top teams. Currently, Mercedes leads with an incredible 407 points, followed by Ferrari with 243 points and in third is the Red Bull team with 191 points. McLaren is in fourth place with 60 points.