Haas Unveils 2020 Formula One Car

March 15th is looming closer, meaning it’s almost time for the 2020 Formula One Season. The ten manufacturers operating in this motorsport have begun unveiling their 2020 vehicles, with Haas being the 1st. The American F1 team announced the V4-20, which is slated to be considerably better than the V4-10. Their 2020 model also returns Haas to the original livery colours of black, grey and red. Stakeholders with Haas hope to quickly forget last season, which proved to be one of their worst to date. An unpredictable vehicle forced them below the desired result of 5th place in the constructor’s championship. Though it should be noted that the colour alterations in livery could be prompted by losing Rich Energy as title sponsor, with the original theme representing the Haas Automation Company.

This announcement was providing through various social media platforms operated by Haas, with digital rendering showing what fans can expect. Individuals cannot witness the official model until February 19th, which marks the official entry into spring testing in Barcelona. It’s been confirmed that Kevin Magnussen will handle the 1st day of testing, with Romain Grosjean handling testing responsibilities on the 2nd day. When it applies to the 3rd day of testing, both motorsport drivers will manage their respective vehicles. Data will be acquired so that Haas can better improve the V4-20 before March 15th. Design alterations occur 90% of the time after spring testing, meaning the final version of the Haas V4-20 won’t be showcased until the 1st day of the official season in Melbourne. Practice sessions begin on March 13th, with the Melbourne Grand Prix being held in the afternoon on March 15th.

2021 Future Insight

Standing ninth in the constructor’s championship last season, this latest model in the Haas VF Series kept the majority of their core components. Minimal changes occurred to the aerodynamics of this vehicle, with fuel management and downforce being the two most significant forms of improvement. These enhanced components could allow Haas to acquire 5th or 6th in the Constructor’s Championship.

The Head of Haas, Gunter Steiner, noted that the VF-20 would deliver performance where it couldn’t last year. This former F1 Champion mentioned that with previous regulations remaining in effect this season, engineering staff had dedicated their efforts towards understanding solutions that can be reprimanded next season. It appears that the Haas Formula One Team is dedicating their efforts towards the 2021 Season pre-emptively. This could give them a substantial advantage going forward.