Formula One Unveiling New Graphics for 2020 Season

The Formula International Association confirmed that updated graphics are being implemented into the revised F1 2020 Season. These visuals are designed by Amazon Web Services & are speculated to concern the COVID-19 pandemic. Formula One will unveil these graphics on July 3rd to 5th at the Austrian Grand Prix.

Details on which graphics are being updated was provided by F1 Representatives. Everything from Speed Comparisons to Race Predictions is being enhanced. It’s known that Car Performance Scores are being implemented into the 2020 season, which will give viewers detailed accounts on lap times & the conditions of that respective vehicle. For individuals that wager on Formula One Grand Prix’s, Car Performance Scores will become a helpful tool that’ll make sophisticated bets easier to acquire.

Amazon Web Services & Formula One have implored 300 sensors per F1 Car, which supports one million entry points of data per seconds. That data points are relayed to the Grid, which is then provided to broadcasters worldwide. F1 Outfits obtain the information first to make accurate decisions on increasing pace & effectively managing their pit strategies. It should be mentioned that F1 Organizers are releasing five new graphics with the assistance of Amazon Web Services, those are listed down below.

  • Driver Skill Ratings: These data points assist teams with showing which driver has the best performance on-track. Information on their Tyre Management, Qualifying Performance, Race pace, Defending Style, Overtaking Capabilities, and Start Positions is acquired through 300 data point.
  • Cornering Performance: Informal data that shows viewers & bettors which competitors are handling corners at high speeds. This F1 Graphic won’t arrive until August 28th to 30th.
  • Driver Speed Comparison: Data points indicate the fastest driver, using information dating from 1983. When record speeds are produced, viewers are informed. Formula One will introduce this historical Graphic on August 7th to 9th. It holds minimal value to sports bettors.
  • Team Season Performance: Detailed accounts on the development of ten F1 Outfits are shown per race. Bettors & viewers witness which teams are increasing their positioning on the F1 Grid.
  • Race Pace Predictions: Qualifying information is acquired from 300 data points. Amazon Web Services & Formula One then make predictions on which team will perform best on Race Day. Debuting in August 2020, this Graphic provides formidable information to bettors.