Formula 1 News – Abu Dhabi Results

Lewis Hamilton claims yet another victory over rival Sebastian Vettel in Abu Dhabi. The race could’ve gone just about any direction, seeing multiple leaders throughout the event. Around the middle of the race, we almost saw Daniel Ricciardo finishing with a win as he prepares to leave Red Bull with him leading the race for a few laps.

Unable to keep onto the first-place position and create a lead, the Aussie driver fell back all the way to 4th position as his teammate Max Verstappen finished one position ahead of him. Ricciardo’s teammate for next year, Nico Hulkenberg created quite an entrance within the first lap as parts of his car came raining down on the track after a massive crash. The driver touched wheels with Romain Grosjean, which resulted in his car flipping up and upside down as he headed straight for the barrier.

Nico found himself stuck in the upside-down position for more than 3 minutes as emergency teams were sent out to assist. The punished driver told the team to get him out as soon as possible as there’s a fire. Luckily, the team got there on time, and a quick visit to the medical team cleared him of any injuries. Luckily, Nico was the only one involved in the crash as Grosjean managed to escape and stay on the track to finish the race.

Now set to retire, the great McLaren driver completes his F1 career just outside of the point learning spots with a finish in 11th while Kimi Raikkonen finished the season rather early by not even finishing. The at least managed to break the 5-year drought with a win in the USA earlier in the year, but as we can imagine, he was rather disappointed to finish the season without finishing as his car just lost power on the main straight.

With the grid preparing for drastic changes throughout the winter, the Finn is set to join Sauber for the 2019 season with the Australian Grand Prix just over 100 days away.

Ricciardo Almost Had the Perfect Ending

Racing full heartedly, the retiring Red Bull driver almost took the show with a first position finish. He has an impressive 2.5 second lead over Lewis and almost a 12 second lead over Verstappen as he did all he possibly could to end it in the perfect way.

He managed to keep to his word by fighting hard for the team and hold onto the lead with the ultra-soft tyres on his car. In fact, he managed to keep it all together up to the 33rd lap, making it look as if the energy drink team was planning to fit the car with fragile super soft tyres to give him even more of an advantage as he attempted to steal the show. However, after a pitstop on the 34th lap, he found himself behind Verstappen who started to close the gap between himself and Bottas who was in third.