Ferrari Wins in Singapore

If you saw the article from last week where we spoke about the possibilities of Ferrari still winning the 2019 season, the race results from the Singapore GP might give you chills. As we said, Ferrari would need to finish in the top two positions of the race while Mercedes would need to complete in below the senior three positions if Ferrari wants any chance of winning the season.

Well, the Singapore GP results are bound to make you smile if you’re a Ferrari fan. Not only did they manage to take the first and second place, but Mercedes only managed to get a fourth and fifth place after Red Bull’s Max Verstappen. Sure, Ferrari would still have a long road ahead if they hope to catch Mercedes, but this is undoubtedly a step in the right direction! Let’s have a look at how it all happened and how this might be the first of many races that gets the Ferrari team at the top once again!

Singapore GP Highlights

As the cars set off on the incredible track, we see Leclerc’s Ferrari hold onto the first place starting point. Hamilton managed to grab second place while Vettel appears in third and Verstappen in fourth as they get to the first corner. Within the first few corners, we see the pure power of the Ferrari cars as Leclerc almost instantly draws an impressive lead over the rest. Even Vettel was giving Hamilton in the Mercedes a tough time as he continually tries to find a way around him.

By lap 21, we saw most of the cars head through the pits. Ferrari was well prepared and gave both their drives a significant boost with stops lasting a maximum of three seconds. Leclerc was even faster, with an incredible 2.4 second stop. By lap 34, both the Ferrari drivers managed to grab the top spots, thanks to heading to the pits early. At this point, Vettel was in front, Leclerc behind him and Verstappen behind them. In fourth place, we had Hamilton, followed by Bottas.

Somehow, Leclerc managed to catch up to Vettel in the first place quickly. At lap 34, they were more than five seconds apart, but lap 41, Leclerc closed the gap to be just over a second. By lap 48, the difference was less than a second. However, it wasn’t Leclerc that was extra fast, but rather Vettel that seemed to be taking a bit too easy. Towards the end of the race, Vettel once again opened the taps and pulled away by almost three seconds from the rest of the field. He crossed the line first and grabbed an incredible 25 points for the Ferrari team. Not long after, Leclerc passed in second place, scoring yet another 18 points for the team, adding a much needed 43 points for Ferrari. The most significant boost is the fact that they gained 21 points more than Mercedes in fourth and fifth place with a point total of 22.