Fernando Alonso Tests Renault’s RS20

The Barcelona Circuit in Spain saw the anticipated return of Fernando Alonso, a two-time champion in Formula One. Alonso was signed to Renault Racing after Daniel Ricciardo announced his departure from the team & before it was bought-out by Alpine Racing. The day was more about filming promotional videos for Fernando Alonso’s return and educating the former champion on new modes in the Renault RS20.

Fernando Alonso will make his return to Formula One at the 2021 Australian Grand Prix. Testing was completed in the same RS20 driven by Daniel Ricciardo, the same that reached podium contention at the Eifel Grand Prix on October 11th. Dedicated supporters of the two-two champion have relished in his formal return, with Alonso last driving an F1 Car in April 2019 for McLaren.

Alonso acquired two championships with Renault Racing during the 2005 & 2006 Formula One Campaigns, with his departure from the team coming three years later in 2009 to Scuderia Ferrari. It’ll mark Fernando Alonso’s third employment with Renault Racing since entering Formula One two decades ago. Unfortunately, testing the RS20 was limited for Fernando Alonso. FIA Directors forced the session to 100km maximum, at 21 Laps.

Excitement for the 2021 F1 Season

The Spaniard Champion has thousands witness his return to Renault at Circuit de Barcelona. He’d be questioned by SkySports & local news agencies regarding his feelings on returning. Fernando Alonso mentioned that the adrenaline & excitement felt after not driving an F1 Car in two years is incredible. Alonso evoked that the cornering comes incredibly fast, that under braking is unlike any other racing vehicle, and that his initial thoughts behind the RS20 are positive.

Sentiments from Fernando Alonso ended by expressing the future of Renault with Alpine Racing marks a new beginning, and that everyone is surprised with recent improvements in the RS20s straight-line speeds. Alonso evoked that impressions of cornering & braking performance are better than expected, that it’ll provide a championship-contending car for 2021.

It should be noted that the COVID-19 Pandemic forced FIA Stewards to implement new cost-saving regulations. F1 Teams cannot change their chassis for the 1st time in Formula One history, meaning that the RS20 that garnered a podium on October 11th will be the same vehicle in 2021.