F1 Point Standings Update

It is quite amazing to think that there are only five races left in the 2019 Formula One championship. Luckily, this means there is still five weekends of action-packed racing to come as we see who gets aid or catches up to improve their position.

A couple of weeks ago, we had a look to see if Ferrari would still have a chance at catching up with the Mercedes team and possibly claiming first place for the 2019 season. While things always seemed to be possible, the last few race results have proven that Mercedes is too fast and reliable for anyone to catch up. With that said, the Ferrari team managed to deliver truly amazing results at the Singapore GP. However, the Russian GP didn’t go quite as well, especially since Sebastien Vettel did not finish the race.

Below, we have a look at the current team and driver standings and see how the points have changed over the last few races. It is quite clear that Mercedes has the 2019 season, but we might still see Charles Leclerc jumping into second place with the driver standings. However, this would all depend on the race results as we head into the Japanese Grand Prix.

Driver Point Standings

As most would expect, Lewis Hamilton with the Mercedes team is far ahead of everyone else with 322 points. Up to now, he has won the most races and keeps the Mercedes brand at the very top. It would be quite amazing to see someone catch up to him as he is currently 73 points ahead of Valtteri Botas in second place. Those of you following Formula One would know that V. Bottas is the other Mercedes driver, presently holding 249 points.

The Mercedes team is followed by a Ferrari driver, starting with Charles Leclerc in third place with 215 points. This leaves only a gap of 39 points between Bottas in second place and Leclerc in third. Therefore, it is still possible for the Ferrari driver to take over and make his way to 2nd place in the driver standings.

In third place, we see Max Verstappen in third place who races with Red Bull. He also has an excellent chance of making it to the third place in the driver standings or even second place if he manages to outperform both Bottas and Leclerc by far enough. He is only three points behind the Ferrari driver. In fourth place, with 194 points Sebastien Vettel makes an appearance. After the problematic finish in the Russian GP, he lost a significant gap by not scoring any points.

Team Standings

As we all know, Mercedes is the leader of the 2019 season with 571 points. Mercedes has close in the gap by a small margin as they now sit with 409 points, just 162 behind the leading team. Red Bull Racing currently has 311 points, followed by McLaren with 101 points. It is quite unlikely for these standings to change was in the last five races. Therefore, we might just be looking at the top three teams as they are at the moment.